Travelers heart: My love for traveling

I found my love for traveling young. My first big trip was to Washington DC when I was just nine years old. Before that, we went camping and to the beach from time to time. In Washington DC I got to visit the monuments, the White House(yes, even inside! It was a once of a lifetime opportunity), and Washington’s House. I loved the rich history, and even at nine, the sites and culture. Now being twenty-two and a mother of two toddlers, I find myself still longing to travel. Of course now there are other factors that play into it and traveling with toddlers is far from easy. But I still find my way to from time to time. I think no matter what, traveling is something that I will always hold close to my heart. Meeting people from all around, seeing new towns and cities with new stories, and in a way, learning more about myself along the way. I have been to many states in the USA but never been out of the country. Although I have always dreamt of going to another country, it has yet to all fall into place. Lets face it, it’s not cheap. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream right? One day, I hope, I will be able to hop on a plane and go visit another country. As someone who is obsessed with history, I would love to travel to England or even Egypt. My top two spots would be Scotland and Ireland though. Random? Not so much. My great, great grandfather was from a small Irish town and I would love to visit it. Scotland holds so much history and I am a bit obsessed with the Scottish highlands. Anyone else in love with The Outlander series? I’m not sure why, but I feel as though both countries are calling to me. I’m sure it won’t be anytime soon but hopefully one day. Until then, I will keep dreaming and traveling around the Unites States.

Where is one place you have always wanted to travel to?



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