Why am I so open

I get asked so much, “Why are you so open with your life on social media”?

For awhile I had a private Instagram and stopped sharing with others. I felt as though if I lived in a bubble, people wouldn’t judge me. I was scared what others would think of me, even if I was honest and truthful. We have all lived different lives, experienced different things, and come from different backgrounds. But some of us feel alone. We feel alone in certain moments in our life, like others can’t relate. You would be surprised how many people out there have been in your shoes at one point or another. They may not admit it, but they have. No matter is it’s depression, financial struggles, abuse, anxiety, post partum struggles, troubled marriages, or even just stressful times.

The reason I am so open on social media is because if I can just help ONE person in life, than it’s worth all the others that judge me. There have been times my DM’s on Instagram are flooded with messages of women from all over the nation who relate to something I have posted. They feel as though it’s a safe space to be open and get something off of their chest. That is why I am so open. I never want a single women, mother, wife, etc to ever feel like she is alone. We are all in this together! So if that means I get some hate from time to time, so be it!

Don’t ever hesitate to message me. What is said in my DM’s stays in my DM’s. It’s a safe place. I love you guys!


Christian Mulkey

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