10 facts you may not know about Matthew and I

Some of these are personal and hard to share, but I started my social media to be honest, be me, and share our lives. My passion is to be real and to not hide everything. So here it is, 10 facts you may not know about Matthew and I.

10 facts about Matthew and I:

1. We met on social media (Instagram) and started dating a day after meeting in person. Some may think that is crazy or way to soon, but here we are 4 years later. I’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for being together this long, I’d probably think it was crazy too.

2. We broke up shortly after finding out we were pregnant with Macyn. A few days after finding out I was pregnant, Matthew broke up with me over text while I was states away. We had been dating 4 months at that point. Many would hold a grudge but the thing is, that is a closed chapter. It shaped us into what I call our “second relationship”.

3. We got engaged after just 6 months of knowing each other. Shortly after meeting each other, I felt a strong connection. After getting back together, Matthew took me to a special spot that meant a lot to me and got down on one knee. We have never looked back.

4. We got pregnant after 3 months of knowing each other and didn’t necessarily prevent it. Now this is true honestly, pregnancy is preventable and if I’m being honest, we didn’t take the measures to prevent a pregnancy. I was told I didn’t have a strong chance of having kids so I didn’t really think I could. I wouldn’t change getting pregnant and having Macyn for the world even if I was young.

5. We have survived cheating, family drama, and severe money troubles. I feel like so often on social media we hide the “ugly” parts of our lives. Here’s the bottom line. We were young and dumb. Cheating happened and we broke up. We got back together and built a strong, unbreakable relationship. Family drama and stress happened. We grew together and brought each other up from it. We moved states away and went through a LOT of money problems. We learned and have come far together. We are a TEAM.

6. Matthew and I complete each other. Your probably thinking, doesn’t every married couple say that? No but really, we do. Matthew is the soft and mellow side of my Smart, sassy self. We keep each other in line always completing each other.

7. We fight, sometimes a lot. I love when couples say, “oh we don’t fight”. Good for you, my husband and I have our moments. We never get anywhere but right back into each other’s arms. Sometimes I can be moody and test the limits with my comments. If I’m being honest, my husband takes it like a champ and I’m shocked on how well he handles my bad moments. I know I’m not easy to live with and grateful for that he is understanding.

8. He hates holidays and I love them. So that may be random but it’s a struggle sometimes. I am obsessed with holidays and my husband thinks they are over rated.

9. He is the money saver and I’m the spender. When we first started dating, it was the opposite. Honestly he was really irresponsible when we met and had no concept of adult life(sorry babe, just being honest). I grew up fast and young due to being raised by someone who was mentally and emotionally abusive. I learned early on what it meant to have to pay bills, one of the only good things I got out of it. But as I have gotten older and we have gotten into a better financial spot, I like to spoil everyone.

10. He was my first true love. Sure I had high school boyfriends and said “I love you”. But they weren’t true love. I never knew what true love was till Matthew. The feeling of complete and total love for someone, so much words sometimes don’t even come to to.

Together, we are one. We have been through some really hard times but we have made it farther than anyone ever thought. I can’t imagine being with anyone else.


Christian Mulkey

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