I have a confession

So I have been wanting to tell you guys for awhile but I didn’t really know how to write it. I have a confession…

Now before you get all hyped up thinking I’m crazy or something, let me just say this is real and needed to be talked about. Lately I have really struggled and it’s turned me into a not so nice person. I haven’t been as kind to my husband as I should and sometimes just feel down while I try to be perfect. I feel as though I have a status to uphold. I feel as though I must be perfect in all aspects; life, body, motherhood, friend, etc. I was scrolling through Instagram the other day and began comparing myself to others. What on earth has gotten into me? See I’m not perfect. Far from it actually. I mess up, I get upset, I stress eat, and sometimes I fall down. Some days I struggle finding balance and some days I feel like I yell way to much at my children. You see one tiny sliver on social media but in reality, I’m not perfect. My house is a mess more than it’s not with toys, laundry and life basically. Add in 99% of the time I’m in stained clothes with greasy hair, I’m the pure definition of a hot mess. I work fulltime from home all while having kids at home. Although my husband is an enormous help, sometimes I struggle. I feel like the more I dig into the social media world the more perfect I must be. I try my hardest to be real and show you guys the truth behind our lives, but also feel like at times I fail. I feel as though I must be perfect so you all don’t judge me or think less of me but see that is what I’ve been doing wrong. I’ve been comparing and worrying what others think when I shouldn’t. I should be me, love “me” for me, and not worry. I may not have the perfect decorated house, the perfect body, or have kids that listen 24/7, but I’m happy. I’m happy with where life has taken me. I’m happy that I have my husband and children. I’m happy with my job and the opportunities I have been given. Do I have my sh$t together all the time? Nope not one bit. I am a hot mess and slowly becoming okay with that. Do I post pretty pictures? Yes I love my job and in a way it’s a form of therapy creating content. But don’t you worry, 5 seconds after the shot was taken one of my kids probably made a mess. I wouldn’t change that mess for the world though. See the next time you are like me and begin to compare your life, just stop and take a deep breath. Think of all you are grateful for but also breath and realize that social media is just that, social media. Happiness is found within, it’s found within yourself and your true surroundings. I used to tell myself I would never compare but then I did. I feel as though I have began to let it eat me up. I rarely if ever talk about this but in truth it’s hard especially as someone in the influencer and blogging community. So I am here to make you guys accountable of not just myself but you as well. Having a bad day and just can’t find the time to breath? Go sit down and take some deep breaths. Scrolling through Instagram or Facebook wishing you had that “rockin hot bod” and big stunning house? Look down and repeat after me “I AM PERFECT JUST THE WAY I AM. I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM ME.” Had a long day with the kids and just need to catch some air? Turn on a cartoon, get them a snack, and go sit in the other room for a few minutes. Struggling inside and feel like the world is crashing? Private message me on Instagram! I promise whatever you message me is safe with me, I am just an open ear and a shoulder to lean on. I want you all to know that I struggle just as much as everyone else and we are all just human.

We are not made to be perfect but perfectly imperfect..


Christian Mulkey

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