Dad: the man we would be lost without

Matthew is who holds our family together. He is not just an amazing husband, but an even more amazing father. He became a dad at 21 and dove right in. Before becoming a father, he was your typical young 20 year old boy who loved to hang with friends at the gym and playing video games every chance he got. When Macyn came along, I saw this young, immature boy turn into a loving father who cared about nothing else but his family. The moment he held Macyn I knew he would never be the same. His eyes glowed as he snuggled our newborn son, a look I had never seen him have before.

Matthew is a tall, sometimes intimidating, but the sweetest man I’ve met. Covered in tattoos(which I may be biased, but gosh so sexy) and 6 foot 5.5 with eyebrows that could kill, which both our kids got as well. But when he is with the kids he is like the softest teddy bear in the world. He is kind, gentle, and caring. He always listens to what they say and always makes sure they have what they need. He has a soft spot for each of them and spoils us all way to often. He is one of the most hard working men I have ever met working overnight 5 days a week and in the past, going weeks without a day off. All while working hard, he continues to spend time with the kids always making sure that he is with the family. He has gone well over 24 hours without sleep all to be able to spend time with the kids during his days off.

The man who choose different.

See when I met Matthew I would’ve never imagined him being the man, husband, and father he has become. He choose to not continue into the path of others and be the man he always wished to be. He is much stronger than others realize. He became someone many thought he wouldn’t and works harder each day to better our lives. We would not have all we have today without him. His hard work and dedication is exactly why we have all we do.

After we completed our family and welcomed McKynleigh, I saw a whole other side of Matthew. That “dad of a daughter” side which was even cuter than I pictured. McKynleigh is daddy’s little girl and knows exactly what to do to get daddy to say yes. The kids adore their daddy and one day, they will look back and be thankful they have grown up with such a dedicated father. He works hard, puts them first, and has always given his all in fatherhood. I look over at him and can’t imagine our lives without him. We would not be complete nor would we have the happiness we do. Thank you baby for being such an amazing father. You truly are one of a kind.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!



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