5 last minute Father’s Day gift ideas

Don’t worry, you are not alone! Life gets busy and we forget. With moving and us both working a lot lately, I totally slacked on one of the most important days of the year! Father’s Day is to celebrate that special dad, grandpa, and step-dad in your life. Father’s are so important and help shape us in so many aspects. I have put together my top 5 last minute gift ideas to help save the day!

Buy dad a TV.

Dads always love the newest of new no matter if it is for watching football, playing video games, or catching up on the news after a long day at work. We got the Hisense Roku Smart Tv and I love all the options! Over 5,000 channels, 500,000 shows and movies, and they come in 32″-75″. Find dad’s perfect tv at your local Walmart!

Grab dad a gift card.

Dads aren’t huge on shopping unless it’s something the want. Gift cards are a great, easy gift that dad will love. A few ideas are your local sporting goods store, GameStop, or even to a local shooting range or golf course.

Dads love watches.

Dads love accessories even though not all will admit it. Watches are a great idea and loved by many dads. Make it extra special with his favorite color or even getting it engraved.

Grab dad his favorite brew.

There is just something about guys and beer! Grab dad his favorite brew no matter if it’s at a local brewery or just a good old classic beer from Walmart.

Buy dad a fun shirt.

Dad may not admit it all the time, but he does like new clothes. Every dad has a certain style and I’m sure you can figure your dad in mind out pretty well by now. Grab dad a fun shirt like this one at your local Kohl’s, Walmart, and even Ross.

No matter what you get dad or grandpa, it will be special. Without dads, our lives would not be complete and Father’s Day is a day we get to celebrate just how special they are to us. I am so thankful for my husband and what an amazing father he is to our two littles.

Hope you all have an amazing Father’s Day!


Christian Mulkey

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