What’s in my bag

We are constantly on the go no matter if it’s to the park, the store, the lake, or a fun family trip. This summer I made myself promise to go on as many adventures with the kids as possible because they will be starting preschool in the fall. As a family who is active outdoors, I always make sure my bag is packed and ready to go. Here are my must have items this summer!

Must have items in my bag:

•Diapers, wipes, and extra underwear. You can never over prepare in that area. I normally leave 5 diapers and one pack of wipes in case McKynleigh has a accident. For Macyn, I always make sure he has two extra pairs of underwear even though he has yet to need them.

Sunscreen. No matter if we are at the lake or even just playing at the park, I am constantly using sunscreen on the kids. We prefer babyganics travel size.

Snacks and drinks. Hello, it’s us. Of course we pack extra food! No but really, my bag always has plenty of snacks like goldfish, string cheese, and protein bars along with some water bottles(1 per person unless we are hiking that way it’s not to heavy).

Change of clothes. I always have at least one change of clothes packed for each kid and lets face it, it’s my most used packed item since my kids are constantly getting dirty.

Notepad and pen. This is such an easy grab and go to activity for kids no matter if it’s at a restaurant, park, and even in the car. Keep them a little busy for those “oh no” moments.

Plastic bag. I carry both a quart size and a bigger bag. The quart size I use for my phone because I’m over cautious at the lake and river. The bigger plastic bag I put any dirty diapers in just in case there isn’t a trash near. Summer is hot and diapers are just yucky!

Now, I do carry sanitizer BUT I don’t use it much. It’s not my go to and honestly, germs are good to an extent. I also sometimes carry my camera if I feel I will want it or am capturing anything for the blog or Instagram. Having a good backpack is so important for me which is why I love my Fawn Design Backpack! It fits everything we need with extra room and is stylish all while being a convenient backpack style. It is among my top bag picks and I recommend them to every parent out there.

What do you carry in your diaper bag?


Christian Mulkey

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