We are moving!

If there is one thing we have always done as a family, it’s making last minute, crazy decisions. The other night Matt and I were casually laying on the couch talking and spending time together. He told me about this house that was available and urged me to call on it. See here’s the thing.. Three years ago we grabbed some bags and hopped on a plane never looking back. We started over our life when macyn was just 6 weeks old carrying only what we could onto a plane. We were broke and felt helpless, but we wanted our family out of a bad situation and did what we had to. My dad was our saving grace and took us in, helping us every step of the way to get back onto our feet. We got more stable but let’s be real, still broke. After a few months we happened to get into a 2 bedroom 500 sq foot apartment. It was nice to finally have our own space but also still hard because we were far from financially stable. The next year would prove to be rocky and at times I honestly felt like we were going to fail. But then things slowly began to look up. Matt worked crazy hours and found a higher paying job he truly likes. I began Influencing and blogging, now working fulltime from home. We began slowly but surely paying on credit cards that we had used during our hard times and even started to grow a savings account. But here’s the thing, housing in California is HARD. It’s expensive and there is a huge shortage of houses. For the past two years we have endlessly searched with no luck. We were tired of living in an apartment and wanted more for our kids. When I went to look at this house, I didn’t know what to expect. I assumed it would be like all the others, little to no chance. I was surprised with how cute the house was, even with an Instagram worthy kitchen I had been dreaming of. A big backyard for the kids to run and play in. The living room and kitchen were the size of our entire apartment, it was like a dream. I turned in our application but doubted I’d hear anything. To my surprise we got offered us the house. To some this may not be huge, but for us this is everything. To give our children an actual house, with new rooms and a beautiful play area. It has been a long journey but we did it!

When we got the keys yesterday I wanted to cry. We are shutting this chapter and starting a new one. We are saying goodbye to the apartment life and opening up our world to an actually house without anything touching on the sides. Our kids can run around the backyard playing and shouting without worry. I am so thankful for those who have helped us get to this point and pushed us. An enormous thank you to my dad. Honestly, we would not be where we are today without him and he has no idea how much it means to us for the support and guidance he has given us at some of our most vulnerable moments. I’m so excited to make this house our home!

Now time to move in last minute with two toddlers!



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