Best Sleep I’ve Had In Years: EMMA Mattress

For years I have dreamt of sleeping on a bed I actually looked forward to everyday. The bed you long to lay in after a long day at work. The bed that literally makes you say out loud “ohhh yes”. After doing some research and looking over our options, I had my eyes set on Emma Mattress. I’m going to tell you today exactly why Emma Mattress is the must have Mattress!

Having a good mattress and healthy sleep is crucial to your health, more important than most people are aware. Sleeping on a good mattress gives sound rest, spine alignment, and body rejuvenation. Sleeping on a poor, broken mattress can have many negative effects on you including increase risk of high blood pressure, obesity, back problems, and diabetes.

Getting a good nights rest can have a huge impact on your healthy, day to day life, work, relationship, and overall being.

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Matthew and I had been sleeping on a hand me down mattress generously given to us by my dad when we moved into our place after moving to California almost 3 years ago. It was old, very noisy, and I had been experiencing back pain for quite a bit of time. When we started to mattress shop, I quickly began to get irritated with furniture stores, high numbers, and shopping two toddlers. When I came across Emma Mattress, I was shocked to find out that they shipped the mattress directly to your doorstep in a box. A mattress in a box? That was a thing? Oh yes, and oh how glorious it is that we didn’t have spend anymore time shopping in stores. We were able to go online, choose our perfect queen mattress, and finish ordering in less time than it would’ve taken me to get both kids buckled into the car. Not long after, our mattress arrived conveniently boxed and ready for us.

Once our mattress arrived, it took me less than three minutes to unbox, unwrap, and set up all on my own. You can watch the video here and see just how easy it was, no matter your strength or if you have help. Now, Emma Mattress‘s are available in every size you could possibly need; Twin, Twin xl, Full, Queen, King, And California King. With adaptive foam open pored foam, air is able to move flow freely through the mattress enabling you to stay cool through out the night. A layer of pressure relieving Visco-Elastic Memory Foam helps with pressure relief, distribution of support, and spine alignment and support. They don’t stop there though. Next you have a support base foam with adaptive German innovative cut-out technology ensuring you will get the best sleep you have had in years. To complete your mattress, each mattress is topped with a climate regulating top cover that not only allows the mattress to not retain heat but also aids in allowing the mattress to sculpt perfectly to each individual bod. In addiction, the mattress has a breathable air comfort cover. With this grey cover comes 3-D mesh support air circulation as well as gives the mattress a stylish finish and side grips with handles making moving the mattress around easier and more secure.

Each mattress is backed with 100 night’s satisfaction and a 10 year guarantee meaning you can truly test it out worry free, even though trust me, you won’t want to ever leave your bed. Not only do you get to skip shopping at the furniture store but you also get free shipping and returns! Just one more reason Emma Mattress is our favorite.

With multiple awards including Best Buy 2019, Emma Mattress is not only the top pick in the UK but now available in the US. This innovative German design has been tested and made with care to ensure a healthier you!

Shop your Emma Mattress here

Until next time


Christian Mulkey

Mattress was gifted but all opinions are my own.

1 thought on “Best Sleep I’ve Had In Years: EMMA Mattress

  1. This mattress sounds amazing! We’ll definitely have to look into this because we have one that we need to replace


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