Instagram Love Story: I met my husband on Instagram

Now if you would’ve told me 4 years ago I’d be married with two kids, I probably would’ve laughed. My big adult plan was to attend college and become a special education teacher. Special education was my passion and dream, at the time. Then get married, buy a big house, and have kids. Guess what though? Life doesn’t always go as you planned and that’s almost always for a good reason. Looking back now, life has given me exactly what I need exactly when I needed it the most. But that’s for another blog another time! Back to where I was headed… I made my Instagram at the beginning of high school after moving to Dallas/Fort Worth area after being born and raised in Northern California. I used to think I was the coolest thing having a few thousand followers but little did I know, one follower in particular would change my life forever. I would meet my husband, my best friend, and my soulmate at just 17 years old on Instagram!

One of our first pictures together taken March 2015 at Broken Bow Lake, Oklahoma

After several hard months after loosing a close friend to suicide, a break up, loosing friends, and much more, I remember getting a follow from a guy who had mutual friends in November. I was not the type of girl who reaches out first though. Not long after, this guy(Matthew) started messaging. I was not in the place for a relationship and honestly was very against it. I wouldn’t respond or would ignore him after exchanging a few simple words. He even began messaging me on Facebook, asking “what’s up beautiful” and “how are you”. Creepy? I thought so at the time, sorry babe. He tried soooooo hard to slide into my DM’s and I shot him down for months. In late January I finally messaged back and we began talking more, completely hitting it off. We were more alike then I knew and had several mutual friends. We talked for a few weeks and I jumped the gun asking him if he would like to come to my 18th birthday party. Matt was 3 years older and tatted with a beard, to say I was nervous was an understatement. I remember doing my hair that night and putting on a long grey dress so nervous. Ironically he happened to be friends with another guy that had already planned on coming to see a friend of mine at the time. That night we talked shyly, ate cake, and sat by a bomb fire. It was the first of many more memories to come. He refused to kiss me at the end of the night which I still tease him about but the next day he asked if I would be his girlfriend(which sounds so cheesy now that I say it) and the rest is history.

We have now been together over four years, married almost 3 years, and have two beautiful children. We had a rough start to our relationship to say the least. We ended up getting pregnant with our first after only dating 3 months, went through a hard patch after when we actually broke up for a month, but when it’s meant to be it’s meant to be. We have been through more than many know, but we have grown into something far more than I ever imagined. We both come from divorced families and statistics may not be in our favor but that random guy that slid into my DM’s is the bet thing to ever happen to me and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Until next time


Christian Mulkey

6 thoughts on “Instagram Love Story: I met my husband on Instagram

  1. Aww! Nice story. Relationships are difficult and things rough at times. I’m glad to see you fought through and are still together happily married. I wish you guys the best.


  2. I love this! I also met my husband through social media and we’ve been together for 9yrs in April and married for 3yrs in October. It’s funny how life works sometimes. Definitely wouldn’t change a thing.

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    1. How special! It definitely is weird how life works but always just what we need and who we need!❤️

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  3. I was right! Oh ny goodness I love this story so sweet xoxo

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  4. Awe Christian, this was a absolutely beautiful story. I’m so glad you found you’re happily ever after❤️


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