Motherhood Essential: 5 reasons every mom needs a Lily Jade Bag

I became a mother at a young age and a mother of two under two 19 months later. Between the bottles, diapers, snacks, toys, and everything else, I felt like leaving the house meant packing for a week long vacation. Can’t ever be to prepared right? I have gone through 6 diaper bags since becoming a mom 3 years ago, until I found THE one; my camel and gold Madeline Lily Jade.

It took me only trip to Walmart and the park to realize it was the best bag I had ever had. Questioning wether or not to buy a Lily Jade of your own? I have put together my top 5 reasons why a Lily Jade is a must have mom item!

  1. Wear it as a backpack or purse. One of my favorite features of this bag is how quickly you can transform it from being the perfect bag over the shoulder hitting town to an easy, yet adorable backpack. The straps are easily adjusted making it comfortable and easy to switch back and forth. With two kids, my hands are almost always full so having a cute backpack style is a must have.
  1. Lots of storage and room. Enough room for the kitchen sink. Not literally but you get what I mean. With 4 large exterior pockets, 1 small exterior pocket, 3 interior boxes including 1 zippered interior pocket, 12 organizer pockets, and even a changing pad, there is plenty of room for everything that you need to bring with you. I’m able throw in the kids sippy cups, snacks, extra outfits, and more with still having plenty of room.
    Sleek and Stylish. Being stylish is not something you should have to sacrifice when becoming a mother. Lily Jade offers various styles and colors to fulfill every women’s dream of the perfect bag. They are simple yet beautifully designed with dependability you can trust. I fell in love with the Madeline for the premium leather in beautiful rich caramel and the gorgeous beaded tassel. I take my bag EVERYWHERE, no matter if my kids are with me or not. When I tell people it’s a diaper bag(I get asked almost every time I go somewhere where I got it) they are completely shocked. It truly doesn’t look like a diaper bag.
    Machine washable inserts. This may not seem huge to some, but as a mom to two messy ting humans and being a bit clumsy myself, this is everything. Last week I accidentally put in Macyn’s sippy cup with the lid not all the on in a panic rush to get out of the house to make an appointment on time and it leaked all over. Normally I’d be devastated and scrub clean, but I threw it in the washer and poof! No matter if it is snack messes, random messes, or drinks, this beautiful blue insert is easy to clean in the washer making it one less item to worry about ruining!
    Comfortable with no back aches! For awhile I would dread wearing a purse or back pack when going out. My back would strain or my shoulder would begin to ache after awhile. Lily Jade has created a diaper bag that truly feels like a feather. No matter how much I stuff in for our hikes or target run, my back doesn’t hurt! The straps are comfortable and never twist. The leather is soft and great for just wiping off on the exterior. Out of all the diaper bags, this Lily Jade knocks it out of the wind for comfort which as a mom was a huge selling point.

Lilyjade is like no other bag before; simple, sleek design yet beautiful and stylish.

No matter if you have your eyes set on this Madeline or the many other styles Lily Jade has, you are sure to find THE perfect bag that fits your lifestyle and needs.

If you could choose any Lily Jade bag, which would it be?


Christian Mulkey

Bag was gifted but all opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Motherhood Essential: 5 reasons every mom needs a Lily Jade Bag

  1. Your blog is perfect, I couldn’t agree with you more about how wonderful Lily Jade bags are!

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  2. Ah! I love it. Such a beautiful bag.

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  3. Awesome tips girl! Their bags are so cute! Love the different ways to wear it, and loved your blog!


  4. Seriously an amazing bag! Love this post.


  5. This bag is the cutest! Love it!


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