Anniversary date to Simply Fondue in Livermore, California

Matthew and I celebrated 4 years together on Friday and what better way to celebrate than fondue, some drinks, and lots of laughter! As many of you know, Matthew and I met through Instagram and officially in person on my 18TH birthday. At the time we lived in DFW, Texas area. We are both huge foodies and when we were dating, used to love finding the perfect dinner spot. We went to our first Simply Fondue in Fort Worth, Texas back in 2015 and fell in love with the experience of fondue and the many flavors. Fast forward 4 years and after relocating back to my home town in Northern California, we knew exactly where we wanted to spend our anniversary. With our luck, we found a Simply Fondue in Livermore California about 2 hours west of us.

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Livermore and with limited parking available in front and more in the back, Simply Fondue was easy to locate and a perfect spot for a date, family, or friends to gather around and enjoy a one of a kind experience. They offer a wide variety of drinks including hand crafted beers, wine, and over 180 different martinis. Their menu is easy to understand and just reading it gets your mouth watering. You are given the option to order what you want as a la carte or as four course meal. We came hungry and ready so we of course choose to do the four course meals ($64 per person) which includes salad of choice, cheese fondue, main course, and a chocolate fondue.

We were seated in a perfect booth made especially for two people. We were quickly greeted by a sweet waitress named Hannah and ordered our drinks while deciding which cheese fondue we wanted. During their happy hour, they offer $2 off beers and $5 mojitos so Matthew got a Irish brew and I got a mango pomegranate mojito which I highly recommend! With 6 different cheeses to choose from, we choose the smoked gouda(smoked gouda cheese, beer, crispy bacon, and chives). It was served with fresh bread, crisp vegetables, and fruits which was a perfect start to the dinner in addition to our salads. Next came the main course!

We got to choose three different meats. With a huge selection we choose some of our favorites which included lemon pepper chicken, bacon wrapped tenderloin, and pecan crusted salmon. They offer a variety of different cooking styles ranging from broth to skillet(what we choose) that are all tailored to bring out the flavor in your meal. The main course also came with raviolis and fresh vegetables including red and sweet potato’s, mushrooms, and zucchini. We loved talking about life as we cooked the food together in the sweet garlic butter.

The meats all tasted wonderful and we loved pairing them with the 6 handmade sauces that came when our meats arrived at the table. After we finished our main course, we were ready for dessert. Our waitress brought out the chocolate fondue menu and after making what seemed like the hardest decision of the night with everything sounding so delicious, we choose Everything But The Kitchen Sink fondue! Yes that’s right and that’s exactly what it was. The dessert fondue included milk, and dark chocolate swirled with marshmallow cream, caramel, peanut butter, pecans, and topped with whipped cream… everything but the kitchen sink. Served with rich pound cake, marshmallows, triple chunk brownies, fresh oranges, banana chunks, fresh pineapples, strawberries, chocolate chip cookie dough, rice krispy squares, rolled cookies, and cinnamon sugar donuts, it was a splendid finish to a wonderful night.

If you are in Northern California, the Simply Fondue in Livermore, California is a must go spot. Not only is it delicious food but also a one go a kind experience for all. Excellent food, calming location, and overall, wonderful spot no matter your occasion. We can’t wait to go back again!


Christian Mulkey

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