Our new podcast is live!

I’m proud to announce that our new podcast, Two Peas in a Podcast with Bailey and Christian, is now live! Two childhood friends recently reunited living in a small Northern California town. Join us as we talk about all things life, crime, girl talk, and more. Every topic is on the table. Start listening on whichever platform you listen to podcasts today!

When a dear friend of mine came to me with the idea of starting a podcast together, I was both equally nervous and excited about the opportunity! After months of discussion and finally jumping into it, our new podcast is live with 3 new episodes. I met Bailey in elementary school and through out all the years, we remained friends despite distance and life getting busy as we got older. I am so excited to be starting this new venture with her.

We are excited to dive into ALL of the topics so don’t hesitate to leave us any topics you would like to hear us discuss.

Make sure to subscribe here and stay tuned for more episodes to come soon!



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