10 gift ideas that aren’t toys

The 2022 holiday season is upon us and this year we are asking our family and friends to hold off on gifting our children toys this year. You may be thinking, “why wouldn’t you want more toys for your kids?” or “what else would we gift them?”. Our children have more toys than they honestly can even play with. As our children get older, we are teaching them that there is more important things than just new toys for holidays. Giving the gift of experiences and memories can be so much more special than a toy. This doesn’t exclude all toys though, as some toys can be activities or more than just a play toy. For example, STEM toys and activity toys with kinetic sand or play dough are great. Our children enjoy toys that keep them engaged and that can last longer than just a couple days of fun.

Here are 10 holiday gift ideas that aren’t toys!

1. A sport or club membership. Both of our children are active in multiple sports and clubs through out the year. A great gift idea is gifting a new or current sport or club membership. This can be a month of gymnastics, enrollment in a new sport that the child hasn’t participated in yet, or even swimming lessons.

2. Gift card to museums and the zoo. Museums and zoos are not only fun, but a great way to learn and experience new things. Many museums and zoos have gift card options so that you can gift a visit to others.

3. Gift travel. Our family loves traveling, especially our children. This year instead of us getting our children toys, we are gifting them a trip to Disneyland. Memories last far longer than toys.

4. Gift a subscription box. Subscriptions, like KiwiCo and Little Passports, are great for monthly hands on box deliveries that kids can do throughout the year with new and exciting activities.

5. Gift a new science project or art supplies. Each of our children, like many others, have their own passions. Our daughter loves art, crafts, and drawing where as our son loves math and science. Many stores offer activity boxes for all different ages for children with various different options such as science projects, baking, bracelets making, and more.

6. Gift new outdoor gear. A couple Christmases ago my dad gifted our children with new camping gear and bug catcher kits. Our children still to this day love them and use them frequently.

7. Gift a camera. Cameras are a fun way for kids to learn as well as keep memories. Due to my career in content creating, both of our children have learned a lot about taking photos and love getting their hands on a camera any chance they can. Our son often takes his camera with us on trips so he can also take photos. There are a lot of camera options for children nowadays which make for a great gift!

8. Gift lessons or a class. Horse riding lessons, art and cooking classes, and music lessons are all great options to gift. This helps children experience new things and pursue their passions.

9. Gift scooters, bikes, and other outdoor activities. My children love playing outdoors and spend most afternoons playing on their scooter, drawing with chalk, and playing in the yard. There are tons of different outdoor activity options for children depending on their age that would make the perfect Christmas gift!

10. Gift a trip to see a show or performance. Movie tickets, theater tickets, and tickets to shows like Disney on Ice are all great options for children.

I am wishing you all Happy Holidays!



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