Magical Fun with Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball by Moose Toys

This blog is sponsored by Magic Mixies Magicial Misting Crystal Ball by Moose Toys but all opinions are my own.

As McKynleigh gets older, she has grown to love the idea of magic. I love fostering her passions and interests as much as possible so I just knew that she would love The Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball! For the first time ever, magic isn’t just a dream or something we can play pretend together. Magic is real and now we get to experience the wonder of magic together! The Magic Mixies toy is both fun and interactive. While crossing off some of my holiday shopping at my local Walmart recently, I stumbled upon the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball in the toy section and decided it would be a fun, unique experience to do together. It is made for children ages 5 to 8 years old, but as a parent I thought it was pretty neat too. I can imagine children ages to teenage years having fun with this magical toy. I planned on just helping McKynleigh as she learned how to create her own real life magic, but was amazed by how cool the Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball was that I just had to join in on the fun!

McKynleigh could barely contain her excitement and was ready to begin her magic spells!

The Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball features more than 80 unique sounds, lights, and reactions. I love that not only can you cast a spell and create your very own Magic Mixie inside the Magic Mixies Misting Crystal Ball, but also so much more. McKynleigh decided that first she wanted to begin learning how her Crystal Ball responded to her wand. McKynleigh’s Magic Mixies Magic Wand has a spell-binding light up tip. She quickly mastered using her magic wand going up and down, and to the side. McKynleigh loved jiggling her wand upwards to summon magical sunshine and downwards to gather mystical moonlight. Then, before our very eyes, the Crystal Ball came to life.

McKynleigh was so surprised when the magical mist appeared in her Crystal Ball!

McKynleigh giggled and smiled excitedly to start creating her very own fortune-telling Mixie by performing the Creation Spell using her special magic wand. We read the unique spells together and mastered the correct wand movement. She didn’t need help, but I found it so cool so I joined in on the fun. Then McKynleigh used her magic wand and said the magic word for each spell. She was so surprised that she was able to summon magical mist that flowed from her Crystal Ball!

McKynleigh said the magical words “MAGICUS MIXUS”, and the mist slowly disappeared revealing her Magic Mixie inside the Crystal Ball. We took a closer step towards the Crystal Ball and watched the magical mist fade away all while her new Mixie appeared. As McKynleigh said, “it is real life magic!”. I love that it’s such a fun and safe toy. You can reset your Crystal Ball by re-summing the magical mist. McKynleigh was excited to give her Magic Mixie color and even its voice. It was so fun teaching it how to tell fortunes before saying the magical words “MAGICUS MIXIES” and bringing the Magical Mixie to life.

The magic and fun has only just begun! McKynleigh couldn’t wait to start using her magic wand with her Magic Mixie to perform spells and play together. She even had her fortune told. McKynleigh squeezed down on her Mixie’s belly and waited to hear the magic words “Magicus Fortunus”! Then, all we had to do was ask the Mixie a “yes” or “no” question and stop squeezing! McKynleigh truly enjoyed asking her Magic Mixie questions and its light up gem on the Mixies forehead would light up with the answer. She proceeded to use her Magic Wand to cast different spells and even played a fun color matching game with her Mixie. McKynleigh played with it all afternoon and then when it was time for bedtime we switched it to night-light mode and set it on her nightstand. The night-light mode gives the room a soft magical glow that is relaxing. You can use the night-light in two different modes. McKynleigh loves using the “misting” mode to fill the Crystal Ball with magical mist. You can also use it in its “lighting” mode for a colorful glow without mist. McKynleigh moved her magic wand to light up with the Crystal Ball with the same color as the tip of her wand. The Crystal Ball will light aglow for 30 minutes before turning itself off. Yes, even Magic Mixies and Crystal Balls need their rest too!

The next day McKynleigh sat with her Magic Mixie and started to master her favorite spells using her wand and Magic Crystal Ball. You can repeat the reveal over and over again as many times as you want. Afterwards, the Magic Crystal Ball turns into a magical night-light! Each night McKynleigh loves to wave her up and down to make the rainbow colors magically dance. She dances while her Magic Mixie sings a special song!

McKynleigh and her Magic Mixie! They quickly became friends as McKynleigh asked her Magic Mixie fortune questions, sang and danced together, and had a tickle party.

This holiday season, give your child the gift of real magic! The Magic Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball is so much more than just a cool toy; it is a fun, fantastical journey that allows children to step out of the real world and into their own magical land. It’s a special journey filled with exciting suspense and an amazing reveal as well as fun filled spells and a new Mystical Friend. McKynleigh loves that she can magically reset and continue to recreate the magic for family and friends. The magic never has to end!

McKynleigh has played with her The Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball and Magic Mixie nearly everyday since her first spell. It is such a fun interactive toy with countless possibilities and endless magical fun.

The Magic Mixies has quickly become one of the hottest toy picks of 2022. Want to make this holiday magical? Shop the at Magic Magic Mixies Magical Misting Crystal Ball at Target, Walmart and this holiday season. Learn more here.



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