5 reasons why you should unplug, recharge, and reset

It’s been almost 4 weeks since I have blogged and you all are probably wondering why…

This summer has been busy for our family. Between events, summer activities, traveling, and just soaking in these warm summer days, I have found myself unplugging more than ever. It opened my eyes to the fact that although I work full time from home, it’s rare that I’m not working or unplugging. Let me tell you, it has felt so nice to unplug more and I think I’m going to continue through out the rest of 2022.

Working from home has a lot of benefits, but also some cons. I feel as if I have a responsibility to work 7 days a week. Even on the weekends I’m often checking emails, creating content, planning, etc. For the last month I have stopped working almost altogether on the weekends and spent more time unplugging enjoying time with my family. I also have scaled back on the hours I work in general with it being summer break. I have felt so much less stress and when I am creating content, I am more inspire.

I challenge you to join me and make an effort to unplug, recharge, and reset. Here are 5 reasons why you should…

1. When you unplug from your phone and technology, you have more time to appreciate the small moments of life. Coffee in the morning. Colors of the sunset. Dinners with family.

2. When you set aside technology and let yourself relax, you release stress and built up anxiety. On the weekend, allow yourself time to relax and recharge for the week ahead.

3. Set the phone aside and do something that makes you happy. Unplugging and resetting allows you to clear your mind and do things that make you happy.

4. When you unplug, it allows you to be more present with your family. I have enjoyed not working as much if at all and being on my phone less on the weekends to enjoy special moments with my family and friends.

5. Unplugging and recharging helps you get better sleep. Better sleep leads to happier and healthier bodies.

So ask yourself… when was the last time your unplugged, recharged, and reset?



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