Ditch the scale

The scale can be a good and bad thing. More often than not, we begin to focus solely on the number on the scale. For a long time, I did daily weigh in’s which at the time helped me stay on track and also learn what foods would make me stall and bloat. However, the more I got into my health journey, the more the scale became toxic. Our bodies constantly change weight depending on what we eat or drink. There are so many other things we should be worrying about besides the number on the scale.

I weigh myself about every week or every other week. I don’t let myself dwell on the number though! Basic scales do not show muscle mass, bone density, etc. Even smart scales still lack a lot of important information. You may be loosing fat and gaining muscle. At the beginning of your health journey, the scale may move more. The farther you get though it may not move as much or as often. This is because our bodies may be gaining more muscle or stalling. It happens.

So you may be wondering… why should I ditch the scale?

When you’re making an effort to get healthy no matter if it’s loosing weight or weight management, there are far more important things you should focus on. Your weight is important to a certain extent, but it does not define how healthy you are. What you eat, how active you are how much sleep you’re getting, and where you’re at mentally does. So instead of focusing on a number, focus on you!

Are you fitting your clothes better? One of my favorite NSV (non-scale victories) was my clothes fitting better or being too big. The scale may not move, but you can still be loosing fat and inches.

Do you have more energy? The more I ate better and worked out, the more energy I had! I started waking up before my alarm every morning and was so much happier during the day.

Are you getting stronger? When I first started going to the gym, I felt so incredibly weak. The more I worked on getting my fitness on track, the more I felt empowered and strong! I can keep up with my kids without getting out of breath. I can go up stairs without feeling miserable.

Do you have a better relationship with food? This was huge for me. Building a healthy relationship with food is vital to being healthy. Not over eating or wanting to binge after a hard day. Knowing that foods aren’t bad and moderation is key. Ditching daily coffees for water or unsweetened tea. This is a huge step towards being healthier.

Are you more confident? Having confidence is so important. Feeling beautiful and happy everyday was a new thing for me, but another on of my NSV’s that made a huge difference for me during my journey.

Do you have less cravings? I love that when I’m eating healthy and staying active I have fewer cravings for junk. Yes, I do still have a cheat day. I don’t go crazy though! I don’t crave eating bad foods as much as I used to. I honestly don’t even remember the last time I craved fast food.

Are you getting in better shape physically and mentally? Being active is important not only for your bodies physical health, but also your mental health! Even if you start out walking a couple miles a day, this is huge. Practicing self-care is an important thing for everyone.

No matter where you are in your health journey, remember that the scale does not define your worth! It is just a small part of loosing and managing your weight. Instead celebrate the smaller and bigger victories! Buy those new pants that are a smaller size than your last pair. Sign up for that marathon you’ve always wanted to do and start training. Find your confidence and strut your stuff! Remember that while you can and should weigh yourself to reach your goals, it isn’t the only thing that matter when trying to get healthy.



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