I took a DNA test and here is what I discovered

I have always had a deep interest in world history. In high school, I even wanted to be a high school history teacher. I love learning and exploring all of the interesting things found in the worlds history. About a year ago, my husband and I were having a discussion on some of our traits and some of our children’s traits. Although I had been told a little about my ancestors and ethnicity growing up, I was unsure how truthful the information I had been told was correct. That’s when we decided we would do a DNA test through AncestryDNA. I ordered the tests for each my husband and I to complete. Then I lost the tests! Yes, lost them. We had been in the middle of buying a house, renovating, and moving. So fast forward a year later, and we finally got around to getting the tests and finally completed them. We both took the tests the beginning of December and got our results back this week. Although some of what I had been told about my ethnicity was accurate, some was in fact not!

I knew it was important to me that our children learned more about their ethnicity and ancestors. I love history, but also truly value culture and knowing more of who each individual is. Here are my results…

My DNA results

I had expected most of what my results showed to be honest. I am happily surprised to have more Scottish and Irish than I expected. Scotland and Ireland are on the top of our 2023 travel goals! I am longing to see the beautiful views of the Scottish highlands and cross off one of my adult dreams of an iconic pub visit in Edinburg. Yes, I am a die hard Outlander fan and not ashamed one bit.

After getting my results back, I am so excited to dive deeper into my ancestry. After receiving my results, we decided to pay to track down more information in hopes of creating a more solid family tree as well as hopefully get more of a glimpse into our ancestors and their lives. I have already found over a hundred cousins and other distant relatives across the country and even the world! It was so cool to find out about 3rd cousins in an entirely other country!

I can’t wait to discover and learn more to share with you all. If you have been wanting to learn more about your ethnicity and ancestors, I highly recommend AncestryDNA. I did a lot of research before choosing which test to take.



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