How to pick the perfect Christmas tree

Christmas is less than two weeks and many people are visiting their local Christmas tree farm or store to get a Christmas tree to decorate. Although we have an artificial tree this year, we love real Christmas trees too. There is nothing more magical than cutting down your own Christmas tree with a cup of hot apple cider or hot chocolate with family, bringing it home, and decorating it while listening to holiday classics. The closer to Christmas, the harder it may be to find the perfect Christmas tree. You may be wondering, how do you even pick the perfect Christmas tree?

First, check the trunk. Look on the trunk of the tree to see if it is sticky. Sticky is good! It means there is fresh sap and that the tree is still fresh.

Second, check the branches. If you can bend without breaking or hearing any crunching, it is a good sign that the tree still has lots of life left.

Lastly, check the color. This goes without saying, but you want your tree to be a beautiful bright green. Be cautious of any orange or brown tones.

Here are some other Christmas tree tips:

•Let your Christmas tree stay outside on your porch for 12-24 hours once you bring it home to let any bugs(or even small animals, rodents, etc) vacate the tree before bringing it in to decorate.

•Use half luke warm water and half sprite to help prolong the life of your Christmas tree.

•Trim your trunk and trim it again! Trimming your trunk helps keep your tree fresh and thriving.

•Keep your tree away from any heat sources to prevent fires and drying out.

•When looking for a tree, keep your eye out for Fraser Fir for it is know to be the longest lasting tree.

•Never let the water dry out.

Which type of tree did you get this year?



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