Our family is growing by two little feet

December is here and I couldn’t be more excited. I think I look forward to Christmas the most out of all the holidays. We have so many fun, exciting things planned this year! The kids are old enough to understand a lot more about Christmas which makes it extra special! Awhile back Matt and I were talking about the holidays. We decided that we wanted to make this Christmas the most magical one yet! So we are happy to announce our family is growing by two little feet… elf feet that is!

Meet Buddy the Elf!

I did not have Elf on the Shelf growing up and neither did Matt. I love seeing all of the fun shenanigans some elves do so this year we decided to start a new tradition. Welcome, Buddy to the family! We brought him into the Mulkey family December 1st and can’t wait to see what fun(and maybe a few mischievous) things he decides to do around the house.

The idea of Elf on the Shelf varies for each house. For our house, Buddy is here for some magical fun and to make Christmas extra special. Stay tuned each week to see what he has been up to!



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