7 date night ideas

Life can get busy. Our relationships and marriages can often get put on the back burner. Don’t let that happen! Dating your significant other is so important. By dating your significant other regularly, your relationship strengthens and it helps he or she know that you are making them a priority.

My husband and I make sure we always have a date night planned each week no matter if it is out or at home. Here are 7 date night ideas that are great for spending time with other your special someone.

1. Paint And Wine

This is our date night this weekend and I am so excited! I ran to our local craft store to grab some canvases, paint, and brushes. Then I grabbed some wine and snacks. It is so fun to pick an inspiration photo online and get to painting. It is a great opportunity to bond over wine and paint.

2. Outdoor Movie Night

We just ordered an outdoor movie set up and have been enjoying movie nights snuggled up together out on the deck. If you don’t want to spend money, just get an extension cord and bring the TV outside with some blankets. It takes your typical movie night to the next level!

3. Escape Room

We did an escape room on our last Lake Tahoe trip and it was a BLAST! We got to figure out clues together and try to escape in time. We are already planning our next Escape Room date!

4. Try A New Restaurant Together

Sometimes we get into a routine, even when it comes to dinner dates! Change it up. Look up a new restaurant in the area and go try it together. Maybe even try a new food together!

5. Picnic And Puzzle

Pack a picnic, blanket, and a puzzle! You can get puzzle tables for fairly cheap on Amazon or just remember to pack a hard, flat surface to complete the puzzle together.

6. Cook A New Recipe Together

My husband and I love cooking together. We think of a type of food we want and go on handy google to find a recipe. After the kids go to bed, we get to cooking! It is a great way to catch up and cook something delicious together.

7. Take A Day Trip

It is hard to get away sometimes but this is such a great way to spend time together in the midst of your busy days. Plan ahead and make sure you both can get time off of work. Together you can plan a day at the beach, a lunch river cruise, or even just spend the day exploring a new city or town.

No matter what, don’t forget that making time for each other is so important in a relationship. Plan regular dates. Make the time. Most of all, have fun together!



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