Trauma Survivor

I am proud of that scared 19 year old girl who had no idea what to do after years of abuse and trauma, but still she knew that she deserved more and cut off all ties with her abuser 5 years ago.

I am proud of her strength even after years of being broken.

I am proud of her courage to say enough is enough and stand up for herself.

I am proud of her for pushing through some of the hardest days and never giving up.

I am proud of her for working hard to begin to heal after the years of abuse and trauma that she kept hidden from so many while she wore a smile on her face.

For the last 5 years and every day from here forward, I take back my happiness. I take back my life. I am proud of myself and all I have overcome. I am a survivor.💜

1 thought on “Trauma Survivor

  1. I’m proud of her too!

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