I tried Apple Cider Vinegar for two weeks and here is what happened

I had heard so many recommendations from people to try ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar) shots. Many recommendations said that it helped them gain natural energy, loose weight, improve cholesterol and lower blood pressure, and help their acne. Others I have talked to said it made them feel fuller, reduced bloating, and improved blood sugar levels. I am always down to try new things especially if there are health benefits. Now I am no where near perfect with my health but I do make a priority and try my best. I have been living a Keto lifestyle for three and a half years now. I have been stalled at 175 pounds for some time and just want to be able to hit my ultimate goal of 150 pounds so I thought why not, I’ll try ACV. Obviously I knew ACV wouldn’t be a fix all method but it couldn’t possibly help. I tried the well known ACV shot (Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water) for two weeks and here is my honest review.

Wow, the first day hits hard.

Let me just say, YUCK! So my first day I had done some researched but not a ton. A lot of celebrities love ACV and drink their dose straight. Hilary Duff says she just gulps it down like nothing which I truly applaud her. I am not one of those people. On day two I decided to mix it with water like so many people suggested. After a few days, it definitely was easier to drink. It definitely still hits my throat a little but not nearly as bad.

The instant energy is crazy!

I had been told that the energy you get from drinking ACV was awesome. I had no idea it would hit so fast. It’s is almost like drinking an energy drink, but healthy and not filled with caffeine.

Bye, bye bloat.

After having two c-sections within 19 months, I can bloat terribly especially in the region I have my scar. It can be uncomfortable and I have struggled over the years. After taking ACV, I noticed a dramatic decrease in my bloating.

After a week, it gets easier. Hang in there!

The first week was hard. The taste catches up, but after a week it is almost like my taste buds got used to it and I was able to drink it no problem. I couldn’t start my morning without it.

Let’s detox.

ACV acts as a natural laxative and helps improve digestion. Although I haven’t had digestive issues in years, it is always good to detox and flush out. No, you don’t have to sit in the bathroom all day though! I felt as though my stomach was less sensitive to certain foods after two weeks as well.

I found my self wondering to the refrigerator less.

I intermediate fast most days before I like to hit the gym on an empty stomach. I noticed that after drinking the ACV, I was much less hungry through out the day which made eating a Keto lifestyle much easier. I also began to get fuller quicker during mealtimes. I didn’t crave energy drinks either!

Headache be gone!

I woke up one day with a terrible headache like I do often thanks to working on a computer and phone most of the week. I was busy so I took my ACV and decided I’d grab some Tylenol in a little as I needed to finish some work. Before I know it, my headache was gone! So I tested the theory. The next time I got a headache, I took my ACV along with a cup of water. It works! Not sure why, but I will take it.

Overall, my body felt better.

After two weeks, I can honestly say I will continue to use ACV daily. My body feels lighter, has more natural energy than I have felt in years, and I feel so much less bloated. I also found my overall mood better and I woke up before my alarm each morning. When I stepped on the scale, I was happy to see I am down a couple of pounds which was a success to me!

ACV has so many health benefits. As I continue to take ACV, I will update you all on my opinions after a couple months.



1 thought on “I tried Apple Cider Vinegar for two weeks and here is what happened

  1. Thank you for sharing! I have heard for a long time it’s great but have never tried myself either. I’ve started trying to lose weight and love to snack so this may help 😅 I’m doing a calorie deficit here and I seriously applaud you for being able to lose so much weight and even stick to keto for so long! You’re amazing 🥰🥰


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