The beach is calling

Sometimes the beach is calling and you must go. This was us a few days ago! It had been two years since we had done a spontaneous getaway with the kids. We had been wanting to plan something, but kept having scheduling issues with our work schedules and the kids school schedule. When my husband brought up the idea of going somewhere the night before, I of course couldn’t resist saying yes. I am so glad we did because we had such a fun time.

Mulkey Crew at Half Moon Bay, Ca 2021

Sunday morning we packed up a few things we would need and lots of road trip snacks. Then we hit the road! We are lucky to live close to the mountains and also close to the beach. After a 2 hour drive, we were at one of our favorite state beaches, Half Moon Bay. Although you do have to pay to enter, this beach is equipped with easy parking, clean bathrooms and showers, and lovely picnic tables as well as a few trails and a clean, non-crowded beach. We had grabbed some Subway before and brought chairs and a blanket which make for the perfect picnic on the beach. The kids played for hours and it was such a relaxing day while watching the waves and taking in the salty air. The kids got a hoot out of the birds and we had fun racing through the sand.

Cutest little foot print left in the sand.

Instead of staying on the beach, we decided to drive a quick 20 minutes back into the city to San Carlos and stayed in a wonderful hotel. I highly recommend this hotel for anyone who is looking for an affordable hotel with or without a family that is close to SFO or the other Bay Area attractions. Read more about it here.

After a day well spent, we are definitely ready to get back to traveling and our fun family trips. Where should we go next?



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