You can be a mom and still be sexy

After you become a mother, you tend to change as a person. I found myself caring less about what I looked like through the days and more then not, I would just grab some leggings and an old shirt. As mothers, we are tired. Long days and long nights can consume us at times. We go through waves and sometimes looking in the mirror, all we can feel is frumpy and consumed. That is perfectly normal! But it is also okay to want to feel sexy again after having a baby and becoming a mother.

The world views mothers as just that, mothers. We are often looked down on by the way we dress when in reality we are still our own person. Yes, there are stages of motherhood where it feels as though that is all we are. But we are also more too.

I often find myself looking at a cute outfit and wanting to purchase it, but backing away because I am afraid of how it will look on myself. My hips are wider than they once were and I have a full frame. But why don’t mothers get to feel beautiful and sexy too?

Why is it that anytime a mother feels confident and takes ownership of her body, it is looked upon badly?

I want to be able to look in the mirror and have confidence oozing out. I full heartedly believe that sexiness and confidence are more than just the way they look, but also a state of mind. It is more than just looking sexy for someone else. It is gaining back that level of confidence and strutting your stuff after months or even years of feeling consumed by nursing bras, old t-shirts with spit up or crumbs from your toddlers lunch, and cheap Walmart leggings that should’ve been tossed 2 years ago.

Motherhood changes us, but we need to peel away the layers and get back to a place where we are both a mother and our own self as well.

Mama, I challenge you! I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Accept yourself as you are and dress to make yourself feel good! It is okay to put yourself first sometimes. Treat yourself. Go get a mani-pedi and buy that dress with the slit you have been eyeing. Try on the short shorts and wear them proudly. Hell, that bikini you loved but swore wouldn’t be appropriate since you are a mom? Buy it! Remember that confidence makes you feel sexy and in turn, you become unstoppable. You are more than just a mom, you can be sexy and confident too!



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