The perfect Valentine’s Day night at home

It is a bit crazy to think it is already almost Valentine’s Day. Now at this point, we have had many date nights in after almost a year of staying at home more due to the current events in the world. Many couples haven’t been out on a date in months. This year, like so many others, we are planning our Valentine’s Day night at home which is okay! Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Plus, you may even save a little bit of money in the process. If you are looking for the perfect date tips for a Valentines date at home, look no further!

Decide on if you want to cook a meal together or grab take out.

Now is time to decide if you would rather cook a meal together for a fun date night activity or if you both prefer to get take-out. If you both choose to cook at home, find a new and exciting recipe to try together. Change it up and have fun!

Dress up and get fancy even if you are staying in this year.

Girl, pick out a pretty dress, do your hair, and say hello to your old friend, red lipstick. Trust me, you will feel reborn getting out of sweatpants even if it is just for a few hours.

Find a fun cocktail recipe and make it together.

You may not be able to go out and have drinks, but you can learn how to make your favorite drinks together! Get all the ingredients ahead of time and search up whatever your style is. Most expensive drinks are actually fairly simple to make.

Get fancy, even if you are cooking at home.

Make homemade fondue or grab a nice steak from the store. Put on some music or your favorite podcast while you cook. Light the room up with candles. Throwing a soft blanket on the floor to have a little dinner picnic inside is always fun too!

Don’t want to cook? Try a new restaurant for take out!

My husband and I have really made an effort to try new places the last year and it is so fun. Pick a place you both have never eaten from and order something new!

Rent a movie.

After being at home for almost a year, we have pretty much ran out of movies and shows. For Valentine’s Day, find a movie to rent from VUDU or Amazon. Then just cuddle up on the couch!

Don’t forget dessert!

What is Valentine’s Day without some chocolate? If you really want to spice up the night, create your own chocolate fondue platter. Get fresh fruit, brownies, cheesecake bites, and even marshmallows. Melt some chocolate(there are a ton of recipes online) and dip away!

Set up a paint night.

If movies aren’t your thing, stop by your local Walmart or Target to pick up supplies for a fun paint night at home. Pick out two canvas, paints, and brushes. Don’t forget some wine too!

I know this Valentine’s Day may not be what we are used to, but we can always celebrate love! I am wishing you all a wonderful love day!



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