10 places to eat when visiting Pike Place in Seattle, Washington

Our trip to Seattle last October was filled with lots and lots of food, some old and some new. We ate at Pike Place Market every single day! Pike Place has a wide variety of unique eateries, bakeries, breweries, and so much more. From a an enormous amount of fresh produce, smoked salmon, fresh ginger beer, world famous clam chowder, and of course, the oldest Starbucks, there is sure to be something for everyone.

We loved trying new foods! We decided to get a few things each day and we would share that way we truly got to experience all of the flavors. Together, we put together our 10 favorite places to eat when visiting Pike Place Market.

Le Panier Bakery

Le Panier is a French-style bakery that has an enormous selection. As we were walking by, the sweet smell of baked goods instantly drew us in. We opted for a croissant and macaroons. Their macaroons were out of this world and the croissant was flakey, buttery goodness!

Pike Place Chowder

I am a California girl at heart. I grew up enjoying clam chowder bread bowls at the beach with my dad. When I heard the Pike Place Chowder was world famous for the chowder, I knew I had to try! There was a bit of a line, but it was well worth it!


When my husband and I were watching vlogs before our trip, almost every single one said that Beecher’s was a must eat at! Their mac and cheese as well as their sandwiches are amazing. Plus, you can watch them make their cheese right from the road. How cool is that?

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rachel’s Ginger Beer is about as authentic as it gets with a modern twist! If you love moscule mules or ginger ale, this is your place. The flavor of both our drinks made it hard to top.

Alibi Room

We ate dinner here our first night after just walking around hungry and seeing the sign for pizza. Little did we know they served up some of the best pizza and drinks around. It was such a fun experience since I had never actually been in a bar. Their pizza is served fast and drinks are excellent.

The “Original” Starbucks

This is kind of a standard spot to go to when at Pike Place because who wouldn’t want to go to the oldest Starbucks? We got lucky and there was only one person ahead of us when we arrived. We got the signature Pike Place cold brew. They also have lots of fun souvenirs.

Piroshky Piroshky

My husband wanted to try this cute little Russian bakery. The smell as you walk in takes your breath away and instantly as your stomach grumbling. We got a few different baked items, but my husbands favorite was the salmon pate and I loved my sweet roll.

Totum Smokehouse Smoked Salmon

Located right next to Piroshky Piroshky, this was a highly recommended place to get Seattle’s famous smoked salmon. I am not a huge salmon girl but my husband is and he loved it.

Daily Dozen Doughnut Company

If you love donuts, this is a must try! They sell the beat doughnut holes and are a great, inexpensive breakfast option if you are in the Seattle Area.

Fresh produce at the market

When we were walking through the market, I am almost positive I saw every single type of fruit and vegetable possible. The farmers are really nice too! We met a few who helped us pick out new fruit to try that I had never even heard of.

If you are visiting Seattle, visiting Pike Place Market is a must! It truly is a full experience and so much fun.



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