All dressed up and no where to go

Anyone else miss dressing up and going places carefree? Planning weekend getaways and taking the kids to the zoo. Dressing up and heading for a fun day of shopping and lunch with friends? I know I surely do.

These days I live in loungewear and mom buns. Not that there is anything wrong with that. I do miss getting dolled up more often though. I remember when the first shut down happened I put my jeans in the back of my closet and thought why would I need those anymore. I can count how many times I have worn jeans since on one hand! I love being comfy, but there is just something special about dressing up even if it is a cute blouse and jeans with some booties that gives an extra confidence boost to a gal.

This year I decided that even if we still aren’t able to go many places unless it’s essential, I am still going dress up from time to time.

This morning I got up and worked for a bit as I usually do. It randomly came to me as I was about to get dressed, “get dolled up today”. So I did just that! I did my hair, make-up, and put on a cute black dress with a sweater and platforms sandals. I may have had no plans besides some errands, but it still set the mood for my whole day and gave me the refresh I needed. I got to feel beautiful and feel a little normalcy for a couple hours which was well worth it.

Don’t forget that although we may still be going through a global pandemic and a lot of hardships that carry along with it, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little normalcy from time to time.

If you want to dress up to go nowhere, do it! Do whatever makes your soul feel happy. During these times, it is so important!



2 thoughts on “All dressed up and no where to go

  1. I’ve been living in sweats lately!

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