National Grandparents Day

Grandparents hold such a special place in our heart. They help guide grandchildren along the path of life, give imparting wisdom, pass on traditions, and memories. Grandparents are so special to us and that is why we celebrate National Grandparents Day!

My children love their grandparents so much and they have been such an important part of their life. My dad lives the closest to us and the kids call him PawPaw. My son started it when he was two and it just stuck. Macyn and McKynleigh love going for rides in his truck, exploring, and playing in his backyard. My in laws live in Texas so we don’t see them as much, but the kids love them just as much. They call them Memaw and Pappy and when we aren’t able to visit in person, we do video chats. The kids are very fortunate to have their grandparents in their life and today we are celebrating how special they are to us with a fun treat with Voortman Bakery.

Voortman Bakery cookies are our favorite. They are always so delicious and have the best flavors! They even have a wide variety of sugar free cookies which is so hard to find. One of my favorites are their sugar-free vanilla wafers. For grandparents day, I asked the kids what the wanted to make PawPaw since he lives close and we decided to make dipped vanilla wafers. This is such a fun, easy treat to make. Perfect for eating and gifting!

What you will need:

Voortman Wafers of choice. You can also use Voortman Bakery shortbread cookies.

•Frosting of choice. We used vanilla since we had it in our pantry.

•Topping of choice. Can be crushed chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, etc.

•Bowl, a plate, and a container to put the cookies in once they are done.

How to:

Step 1: Warm up icing in bowl. Begin dipping half of the wafers in the icing and letting any extra icing dip off into the bowl to avoid a mess.

Step 2: Coat half of the wafer with icing with topping of choice. Set on plate and place in freezer for 20 minutes.

Step 3: Check to see if icing has hardened. If so, your cookies are ready! Carefully move from plate to jar.

This is such a simple yet fun and delicious treat that surely grandma and grandpa will love! We placed them in a cute jar along with some shortbread cookies. The kids also made a handmade card which is always so special to give. Just a little way to show love and gratitude to the amazing grandparents in our life.

Shop Voortman Bakery cookies here.



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