Beating sickness with FORA Care Non-Contact Thermometer

This blog is sponsored by FORA Care but all opinions are my own.

With back to school time here and flu season right around the corner, having a thermometer for the whole family is important. This year has been a bit of a whirlwind and many things have changed due to Covid-19. One of those being daily fever checks in order to help spread Covid-19. My family’s health and safety is my top priority. Macyn and McKynleigh’s school checks them daily before they walk into class, but I wanted to be able to also check them before we leave for school and other public places like the store or the park to help prevent the spread. My kids used to hate getting their temperature checked. I knew I needed to find a more efficient way to check their temperature so I decided to use the FORA IR42 Medical Grade Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer.

This thermometer works well with indicating a fever in babies, children, and even adults. The FORA IR42 non-contact thermometer works from 1-2 inches away giving an accurate reading in about 1 second. The FORA IR42 is hygienic and helps prevent cross contamination even among siblings. I love that I can use it with my children no matter if they are awake or asleep since it is contactless. As a mother to two, this makes a world of difference especially when my children are sick and don’t want to take their temperatures. It even saves the last 30 temperatures so it is easy to track any changes or signs of illness beginning. The FORA IR42 turns off after 30 seconds without any buttons pressed helping save power and lasting longer.

The FORA IR42 also has three easily accessible modes available; child, adult, and surface. These different modes help ensure a true and accurate reading no matter whose temperature you are taking. The large LCD screen display glows green for easy and accurate reading. If there has been a fever detected over a certain amount, the LCD screen displays red.

You can never be too careful which means taking temperatures daily has become a new normal for us. Typically, my youngest would fuss anytime she sees the thermometer. Thanks to FORA IR42, taking temperatures has never been easier. Anytime I pull out the thermometer now, she is sitting and ready. I love that it is small and compact. I can put it in my purse or backpack on the go for easy temperature checks. Most important of all, I know I can trust the FORA IR42 to give accurate readings no matter when or where we are ensuring that my family is safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

Shop the FORA IR42 here.

Use code FORAXMULKEY for 15% off before 9/15/2020.



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