Our secret to getting our young children to help clean

I am a mother of a four year old and a two year old so needless to say, our house can get messy faster than the blink of an eye. Between meal times getting messy, the bathroom, and even just our carpet rugs, I try my best to stay up on cleaning the house everyday. From the time my son was able to walk without assistance, he has been helping me with little chores around the house. I would give him a clean rag and water to let him “help”. Now that both my children are a bit older and can understand a little more, we have given them more responsibility such as cleaning the table before and after meal times, helping with laundry, and even cleaning our bathroom. The key to this is finding a safe, natural product. That is why I turned to Naturally It’s Clean cleaning products! Naturally It’s Clean cleaning products are powered by plant based enzymes making them safe for children and pets. Their products are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances which gives me the peace of mind to allow my kids to assist me while cleaning. They have products for everywhere in the house and have helped make cleaning with toddlers a breeze since we made the switch with our old products a few months back! Since, our kids have been able to help more around the house with cleaning and they actually enjoy it! Here are some tips to getting your younger (and older) children to help clean around the house.

Use safe products.

Finding a safe household cleaning product that we could trust around our children and Siberian Husky was key to getting a good cleaning routine down with our children. My four year old will ask after an activity or meal time for spray and a cleaning rag so he is able to clean. I love watching him easily spray Naturally It’s Clean Multi-Surface cleaning spray and get so excited when it wipes away the mess. Knowing that the spray he is using isn’t filled with harsh chemicals is so important to me as a mother.

Make it fun.

For adults cleaning may seem like a dreaded chore at times, but the key is to make it fun! Typically we turn on some music, maybe dance a little, and start cleaning. This past week my kids had played outside and trailed in dirt on my carpet rug. As we were beginning to clean up the awful mess, I look over to my two year old dancing away as she is cleaning up her area I asked her to start on. It was adorable and reminded me that as long as cleaning is “fun” for kids, it will make it easier to get it done.

Do it as a family.

Ever heard the term, “Monkey See, Monkey Do”? I am almost positive that was created by a mother. When my kids see me cleaning, they always want to join! They want to do whatever mom is doing. Cleaning is no different. For example, I used to have my kids play in their room while I cleaned the bathroom. Now, I have them join me. I give my four year old the Naturally It’s Clean Mildew spray which is great for showers, tile, hard surfaces, doors, and even the walls. He cleans the shower and tub. Then I give my daughter the Naturally It’s Clean Multi-Surface spray to help wipe down the counter as I clean the toilet with the Naturally It’s Clean Toilet Spray. It not only makes cleaning faster, but they get to join in and help.

Set up a routine for the “big cleaning” chores.

Although we typically have a set cleaning routine in the morning and afternoon, we tend to do our big cleaning chores on certain days. This way the kids know what to expect. My children know that on the weekend we deep clean the bathroom and kitchen typically the first day. The next day we clean our bedrooms and the living room. A visual of the week makes it easier for younger kids and breaking it up helps keep them engaged as younger kids have a shorter attention span.


Now, depending on how your younger children are, a reward system may work well. I recommend a sticker system or even working for a fun activity. Typically I ask my children what they want to do after we are done cleaning and they will say going out in the backyard, going to the park, or even a bike ride. This is a great way to help them stay motivated while they help clean.

Cleaning with children, especially younger children, doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Make it fun! Starting them young with cleaning helps them learn responsibility and keeps them actively helping around the house. The key to our success has been finding Naturally It’s Clean cleaning products. I know I can trust them around my children and they always are so powerful. Thanks to Naturally It’s Clean and a little trial and error, cleaning with my kids has become a breeze!

Shop Naturally It’s Clean products here.



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