At home with Dole

This blog is sponsored by The Dole Food Company but all opinions are my own.

As a mother of two young children, finding new activities and healthy foods is important. When I heard that The Dole Food Company is offering FREE at-home resources for families to access online during this time, I was ecstatic! Helping parents all around the nation, The Dole Food Company is providing as much information as they can on topics such as how your and your families diet can improve and helpful information on ways to make nutrition fun for the whole family.

They are also offering digital at-home printables for kids, fun and easy recipes, health and nutrition articles, and so much more. With both of my children home from school, some days we have definitely struggled with passing the time and eating good, healthy foods. Having resources that are accessible at the touch of a finger is so helpful! My kids and I have been exploring all of their free, easy-to-cook recipes. We decided we wanted to give their Sunrise Pizza recipe a try for breakfast. Oh my, what a healthy treat it was!

While we were on their at-home resources website searching for the perfect new recipe, we stumbled upon the Sunrise Pizza. It undoubtedly looked delicious and we love anything related to pizza so we thought why not give it a try. I love that Dole offers resources on health and food safety, as well as cookbooks and more. We had fun searching the digital cookbook library and fruit and vegetable prep hacks. The kids were able to identify their favorite fruits and pick out which recipe looked the tastiest.

When I ordered grocery pick up, I made sure to add our favorite fresh and canned Dole products. I knew first thing in the morning the kids would want to start cooking since we had talked all about the recipe and who would help with what. When the kids woke up, we did a quick nature walk in the back yard to get some fresh air. Afterwards, we headed inside to the kitchen to get cooking. With easy step by step instructions and simple enough for young children to help, both Macyn and McKynleigh loved making the Sunrise Pizza.

The Sunrise Pizza turned out absolutely delicious with fresh Dole bananas, mandarin oranges, and whole wheat waffles. It is most definitely a new Mulkey family favorite. We had so much fun in the kitchen together and can’t wait to try out another new recipe. We are thinking about giving the Banana Tot Pops and the Creamy Orange Smoothie a try next week!

The Dole Food Company set out on a mission to make the world a healthier place and are doing just that! In time of stress and uncertainty, they are helping ease the hard times we currently face with family-friendly activities and nutrition-based information. So no matter if you are looking for some healthy, but tasty new recipes or want to find some fun new activities to keep the kids busy while at home, make sure to head to The Dole Food Company At-Home Resource Website here.



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