Last minute Easter baskets

I am a slacker this year and totally spaced on Easter baskets. With everything going on in the world and our lives, it really slipped my mind until a few days ago. I am the mom who buys things through out the year and puts them away for a rainy day or in this case, a holiday. I shop for deals or things I like. When I find them, I save them. Although we did buy a few things, 50% of the kids baskets this year were just new toys/shoes I had sitting in my closet waiting for the perfect day. If you are late, don’t worry! Places like Dollar General, Amazon, Walmart, and Target all are stocked with crafts, Easter candy, games, and plenty of other basket fillers for last minute bunny duties!

Originally we had big Easter plans but due to Covid-19 those were canceled. Instead we will spend the day at home, cook a delicious dinner, and do a fun egg hunt in the backyard with the kids. I wanted to go all out for their baskets this year but due to where we live and me being a little behind, I wasn’t able to order all I wanted in time. But kids are kids, I know it’s not the size that matters.

Matthew grabbed cheap baskets from Walmart along with chalk, candy, eggs, and a few other small things. We already had hot wheels waiting to be opened so I also added those. Popcornopolis has wonderful customizable popcorn tins as well as these adorable popcorn mini cones. I saved them for the kids baskets and know it will be a huge hit. McKynleigh has the Unicorn flavor and Macyn has the Red Velvet. Both McKynleigh and Macyn love cars, digging, and getting muddy. Basic Toys was so sweet and sent us some Tonka toys for each of the kids that comes with kid safe dirt to play with. I also had two Squeezamals left from Christmas stocking stuffers so I added those as well.

The only item McKynleigh told me she wanted the Easter Bunny to bring her was shoes(as if she doesn’t already own more than me). Luckily since we get FabKids regularly, I already had an extra pair to gift each of the kids. To finish their baskets, I will fill a few eggs with mini play dough, candy, and money to complete their baskets. Normally they would be allowed to use the money to buy a toy of their choice in store. Due to the events going on in the world right now, I knew this wasn’t a possibility. I decided I would do “play money” and let them each take a turn ordering a toy under $5 online. I will put some items I think they may like in my cart and they can pick which one they want. Still fun and exciting for them, but much safer.

Simple, but fun baskets for this year. I know many of you won’t be able to see your family this year but don’t forget about video chats and others ways to still connect. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter!



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