The strength of our children

Over the last month, our kids entire world has changed overnight. They have had to learn a whole new normal and even though some days may be hard, they are so strong! They have learned to stay inside and isolate, even when at times they don’t fully understand as we do. And for that, they deserve their own applause!

They have had their whole world turned upside down. The only world they ever knew, a world safe of worry or panic of a pandemic. They can’t see their family and friends. They can’t go to school and their normal schedule is out the window. Many have had to cancel birthday parties or events they looked forward to. They are learning new rules and trying to understand why it isn’t safe to play at their favorite park or go into the grocery store with mom or dad like they usually do. Many won’t get to have a graduation ceremony, or even prom. Some won’t even be able to officially say goodbye to their teachers and are understanding that the new way of education is by computers and phones. They keep hearing of growing illness, sadness, and even death. Things that many children have never even had to try comprehend until now.

But they push on! Everyday they adapt and mold into their new normal. They draw, paint, play, and laugh. They may get upset here and there when they aren’t able to go out as normal. But they push on! They give hugs to mom and dad knowing they need a little extra sunshine. They miss their old normal but are quick to accept their new normal with building forts, baking treats, and even learning as mom navigates being a newly promoted homeschool teacher. They continue to show us strength and courage in a time of uncertainty. Making us laugh with silly faces and jokes. Bringing happiness and joy when it feels like there is none. They are truly our little hero’s! They keep us going and carry on even when it is hard!

To all of the children, young and old, that continue to show strength and courage no matter what they are facing as the world battles this pandemic.



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