How to support local during Covid-19

In the midst of Covid-19, many small businesses are taking a huge hit. In our town and towns all across the nation, many have been forced to shut down. While many companies are doing their best to stay afloat, these are definitely hard times. I know many who have lost their job due to states putting shelter orders into affect to ensure safety. I understand completely that money definitely can be tight, now more than ever for many families. But I am begging you to please try your hardest to help support local businesses during these hard times.

Our local community is dear to my heart. I have met many of the local owners of the businesses in our county as well as surrounding counties. They are wives and husbands, parents and grandparents, and our neighbors. Without their business, they have nothing as many pour their entire heart and soul into their business. As someone who is self-employed, I know how hard it can be during these times. Just a simple to go order from your local restaurant or a pre-purchased service can go a long way. Here are a few simple ways to help your local businesses as we navigate through Covid-19…

Call ahead and grab take out, get curb side delivery, or even doorstep delivery.

Many local restaurants, coffee shops, bars and wineries, and even bakeries are offering little to no contact delivery. Not only do you help support local, but it makes life a little easier to just grab food.

Purchase gift certificates.

You may not be able to use them now but once things return to normal, gift certificates will be great to pamper or gift to others to bring cheer. This also tremendously helps support your local business. No matter if it is your hair stylist, a tattoo artist, the local bakery, a clothing store, or even an experience local to yourself, this will help those local that are hurting by the lack of business.

Shop small before you shop big.

I get it, it’s easy to just walk into Walmart or do grocery pick-up. But before you do, check local first. A lot of small businesses near us are selling groceries such as eggs, bread, and meats. Even toiletries and other basics. Looking for a gift or a cheer basket full of goodies to brighten someone’s mood? Message your local small shop! Many will do digital transactions for no extra charge.

Review, share, and show love.

You may not be able to do much while social distancing, but it does leave for plenty of time to be on your phone. A great way to help local businesses is to leave reviews on Facebook pages, Yelp, etc. It also helps when you share their pages via social media and even interact such as commenting.

Tip more than usual.

Again, I know these are hard times. I know you can’t tip more than usual all the time but when you do grab take out or get delivery, tip more than you normally would. Even a few dollars can help out someone so much.

Other ways to support local:

•Order online.

•Check with your local area for online work out videos, personal training, coaching, financial planners, music classes, etc.

•Continue to pay for subscriptions, even if they are temporarily closed.

•Donate materials or time to help local businesses. Can be virtually!

•Give shoutouts on social media to local businesses.

•Reschedule, don’t cancel.

•Reach out and ask if there is anything you can do to aid them.

Times are hard and even though many towns and cities have been asked to stay in their homes unless you have to go out, we can still come together to help our local businesses. Let’s come together and help each other out!

How are you supporting local?


Christian Mulkey

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