4 years of California

Four years ago today Matthew, Macyn, and I got on a plane with only what we could carry and moved back to my hometown in California. Over the last four years we have struggled tremendously but also, built our lives from the ground up. We completely started fresh with with just the suitcase we had, Macyn’s car seat and stroller, and a few dollars in the bank. I look back now and just can’t believe how courageous we were. We were so much stronger than we even knew coming to California with the hope of a better life and we have done just that.

We left Texas unexpectedly and under very bad circumstances. We wanted a better life for our son and we wanted him to not be in an abusive or unhealthy situation so we did the only we knew would better our lives. We said goodbye to the life we had known and started a new chapter. I will never in my entire life ever regret the decision we made. It freed me from an abusive person and it freed my family. It gave us a second chance at a better life and it was honestly the best decision we ever made. I look back on how nervous I was walking onto that plane that evening and just smile because it was the start of a whole new life. I just had no idea how good of a decision it was till much later on.

We have been through a lot the last four years. It has not been a cake walk and some moments it felt like everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. From cars breaking down, a small little apartment that we lived in for over two years, constantly worry about our bank over drafting, and lots of craziness in between. It also has been the best four years of my life. We got married in the beautiful woods where I grew up, watched our son grown into a little boy, welcomed our beautiful daughter to the world, found our careers, bought new cars, and even got our first house together. We have grown up here and created a life I always dreamed of. I know so many hate bragging or boasting, but it’s hard not to when I look at the very suitcase that’s we used to move to California then I look at all we have. It now sits in our two car garage that I never even thought we would be able to have as a reminder. We have worked so hard to get here and so hard to recover from the past. It is impossible for me not to be so proud of us for how far we have come, and all we have accomplished together as a family in the last four years.

The road to get to here may have not been the easiest, but it is one I am thankful for. I am beyond thankful for my family and for my dad who is a huge reason we are where we are today. I am thankful that we pushed on even when times got tough. I honestly can’t imagine living or raising our children anywhere else. Cheers to four years California!



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