5 easy ways to prevent getting sick

As a mom of two toddlers in preschool, I have done my fair share of research on how to build immune systems and help prevent getting sick. I am proud to say since my kids were born, I can count the times they have been sick on one hand and still have 1 or 2 finger spaces left empty. As I am sure you have all heard by now, the Coronavirus or Covid-19, has become a hot topic. Coronavirus is a new infectious disease that has not been identified in humans until the recent events and has now caused panic all around the world. The virus causes respiratory illness similar to the flu such has fever, cough, and in severe cases, pneumonia. The fatality rate is said to be about 2% of those infected, mostly those who are elderly or have preexisting conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

I first learned about Covid-19 on Facebook. Yes, on Facebook of all places. I was taking a break from work and began scrolling when I saw an article about the uprising in China. Since then I have seen the media blow up, tons of people panic, and stores be emptied of simple things like toilet paper. Events have been canceled all across the nation and many people have began to prepare to stay home for weeks. There have been two confirmed reports in our county and one school closure but besides that, nothing crazy. As someone who knows how bad the seasonal flu gets, why are we as a nation freaking out so much? I can most definitely see the potential threat but also feel as though the media has had such a huge impact on the nations panic. Nonetheless, preventing illness period is good especially when having children. No matter if it is the seasonal flu, school germs, or even Covid-19, here are my top 5 ways to boost your immunity and prevent illness.

Clean, clean, clean.

If we are being honest, you should already clean. Especially during cold and flu season, cleaning and disinfecting is a must. During bad sick seasons I begin daily disinfectant sprays and 2-3 deep cleanings a week including beds, toys, and our busy rooms in general. I make sure to spray car seats with safe disinfectant as well since that is the first thing my kids touch after getting out of school. We have practiced washing our hands and the kids know that washing their hands is the best way to prevent illness. We make sure we have hand sanitizer but also don’t go over board with it. I regularly clean doorknobs and even spray our couch. It helps keep the bad germs at bay.

New clothes and bath time.

During peak of cold and flu season, I always change my kids clothes when they first get home. After two pink eye outbreaks at the kids school last month, I began the “bath and new clothes” rule. When we get home we immediately take a bath and switch out of our dirty school clothes. I put their dirty clothes right into the laundry in hopes to prevent any germs sitting or touching. I hate pink eye with a passion and last time got it for an entire week even with antibiotics. This is an easy but effective way to prevent germs from school moving into your house and causing more illness.

Vitamins and supplements.

No matter the time of the year, my kids get a clean kids multivitamin, probiotics, and an immune booster. During flu season and now Covid-19, I have added additional Vitamin C. We also eat food rich in Vitamin C and other immune boosters. Probiotics are great for your gut health which is also great for your immune health. Like I said, my kids are rarely sick. I’m not 100% sure all we take to naturally boost our immune system works but either way, it is something I believe in personally.

Go out in public but be smart.

I will never hide unless a sickness gets real serious. Our bodies need germs to build immunity and honestly, I think the biggest reason my kids have always been so healthy is because I’ve never been a helicopter mom with hand sanitizer. But with any flu or virus outbreak, you have to be smart. My kids are still going to school and living typical life but we have now added hand sanitizer to the car to insure we can clean off any germs before we get in the car to leave public places. This is just an easy way to get rid of germs fast and still go out and about with less worries.

Calm down and stop believing everything you read on social media.

Now I have seen some crazy status’s lately but I am here to tell you that stressing actually drops your immune system. Stress causes weaker immune systems therefore makes you more prone to illness. The best thing you can do is carry on with life, wash and clean as you already should be, and live happy. The media has blown this Covid-19 into a panic for so many but as someone who has lived through many deadly viruses, I can tell you first hand the media lies. The best way to get facts is from the CDC on how to prevent and the latest updates.

Just like the previous years we have been hit with illnesses, this to shall pass. Flu seasons come and go as well as other viruses. I am definitely not afraid but also as a parent know either way you can never be too careful. These 5 tips are great no matter what is happening in the world. They help prevent illnesses and boost your immune system. With kids is school, this is a huge importance to me.

I hope these were helpful! Stay clean out there.



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