5 reasons for kids to grow up with a dog

Growing up, we often had a dog. They were such a big part of our world and I can’t imagine not growing up with one. In high school, I bought one of the best dogs I had ever had named Milo from the Fort Worth, Tx animal shelter. He was a Saint Bernard and was by my side through so much. I miss him dearly, but am so thankful for the bond we had. It truly was like no other.

I knew I wanted our kids to have a similar bond with a dog growing up. To experience that one of a kind love, the love between mans best friend. The love from an animal that has no limits as they love you more than they even loved themselves. We finally adopted our almost year old Siberian Husky a couple months and I am so thankful we did. The kids are so attached and he has been so wonderful for our family. The perfect addition so to speak! Many people are on the fence of whether or not to adopt a fur baby. That is completely normal but I am here to let you know having a dog as a child is so important. Here are 5 reasons that it is good to grow up with a dog!

1. Better emotional intelligence and responsibility

Studies have found that children that grew up with dogs practice such skills and build up their emotional intelligence over time. Being “responsible” and caring for another life helps push children to be more compassionate. Walking, feeding, bathing, etc helps teach them to be selflessness and responsibility.

2. More exercise and play

It is no secret nearly all dogs love to play! This is great for getting the kids out of the house or away from the TV at least. It helps promote activities such as running, fetch, and even just good old walking.

3. Higher self esteem

Children with dogs(or pets) often build a higher self esteem. When children accomplish certain tasks such as feeding an animal or teaching a trick, they feel a sense of accomplishment.

4. Immune system and allergies

Did you know that kids who were around a dog under the age of one were found to have less allergies than those without? It also found that children who lived with dogs the first year of life had a better immune system. Through studies, they have found that early exposure is key.

Source found here.

5. Overall companionship and happiness

Let’s be honest and just say, dogs make us happy! Kids look forward to playing, talking, and snuggling up next to their furry friend. Licks and dog kisses bring joy. A warm hug after a long day brings happiness. Having a family or friend there no matter what is happening in their life is something that kids truly need. That is what dogs become, apart of the family.

No matter if you have a dog, are thinking of adding a dog, or still on the fence, please remember that dogs are such amazing companions for kids. It helps them both emotionally and mentally. Even physically in some cases! Our fur baby has been the perfect addition and I can’t imagine our little ones without their Max.

Do you have a dog?



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