I reunited with my brothers after 4 years

Spending the day with my brothers after not seeing them for nearly four years had me tearing up. When I was eight and a half my twin brothers were born, which ended my reign as my biological mothers only child. I was there at the hospital as they were born and took no time getting my big sister game on. Through out the years, I played a huge role in them being raised and was a proud big sister. When I left Texas in 2016, leaving them behind was one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I had no choice, mine and my families safety had to be my top priority.

Some of you have followed our journey that long and some of you are newer. If you have been around for awhile, you probably know at least a little bit about my story. If not, that’s okay! I will recap just a little. Four years ago Matthew, myself, and unborn Macyn lived in Texas. That is where Matthew was born and raised as well as where we first met. I on the other hand am a California native and didn’t move to Texas till my freshman year of high school back in 2011. My brothers and sister, who I share a mother with, also lived(and still live) in Texas. Shortly after Macyn was born, we made the hard decision to move to California. For the respect of all parties I won’t go into a huge amount of detail as to why we made that decision, I will say it was to get to a safer environment and that it was vital to our wellbeing. One of the hardest parts of leaving, was leaving behind my brothers and sister.. I cried and cried over it but I had to put my son above all as I am his mother and that is my job. Through the last four years, it has been a constant up and down battle of trying to contact them. About two years after we moved, I had to cut all communication ties as it was leading me no where. So up until October of this year I didn’t really have any communication with them. In October, things changed and my brothers began living with their biological father. I was able to begin talking to them again and they happened to be coming to California to visit family so I was able to have to chance to truly reconnect in person. Let me just say, wow I missed them!

They are now 14, growing taller and taller, and some of the sweetest young gentlemen. It is funny because to me they are still little but in reality they are finding who they are and man, they are extraordinary. Evan and I both share a love for NF so we spent the day listening to NF in between exploring some local spots and having lunch. I got them their first Sarsaparilla and we explored a local cave. Ethan still has the same bubbly personality he had when I left and Evan is quick to pipe in, they had me smiling all day! They definitely know way more Star Wars facts than me and I need to brush up on my knowledge. I felt like I was home, hearing them converse on Star Wars facts and even argue time to time. See home is not a building or a structure. Home is where your heart is and no matter old they get, they will always hold a special place in my heart because to me they were my whole world for years.

Sadly, the day was not long enough and I had to return them back with their grandparents. I won’t lie, I shed some tears leaving. These boys are strong and I am so proud of the young men they are becoming. They make me such a proud big sister, truly. I am thankful that this year has opened up the door for us to begin to have a relationship again. I missed them so much and so excited to see them again hopefully in the next few months.

I love you Ethan and Evan!



3 thoughts on “I reunited with my brothers after 4 years

  1. They are so cute!! Is that Ethan on the far left? I can see some of Macyn in him. I feel stupid to ask but what does NF mean? I’m so happy you got reunited with them,I pray for more visits with them so that your relationships will become stronger💓💓


    1. That is Evan on the far left. NF is a music artist! Thank you so much.❤️


  2. Christian, that’s a great photo … so happy the 3 of you were able to be together …


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