Christmas Eve Boxes

I began doing Christmas Eve boxes with the kids last year and after it being such a huge hit, I decided it would become our tradition through out the years. I get all the stuff together and put out their boxes the night of the 23rd so when they wake up on Christmas Eve they have their box from Mrs. Clause waiting for them. I normally get Christmas pajamas on sale at Black Friday and get the rest at the dollar store. This year all together each of their boxes cost $11.50 and they have things they can use through out the year.

Each of these pajamas were $5 on Black Friday and the book full of various Christmas stories was $4.99 at Walmart.

I got each of their fun red boxes from the dollar store. I use them to store things after Christmas is over. This year we did the following items in the kids boxes. It makes for a fun Christmas Eve! Gather as a family watching a movie and eating popcorn or color some snowmen from the coloring book.

•New cups

•Hot coco mix

•A Christmas coloring activity

•Christmas coloring book

•Christmas story book

•Reindeer candy

•Reusable snack cup with popcorn to eat while we stream a Christmas movie

Other items you could add:

•Christmas movies

•Christmas day outfits


•Reindeer food

•$1 items found at Target, Walmart, or Dollar Store



•Hats and scarfs


•New ornament

Honestly whatever you believe your child will like works! This is a fun way to start Christmas celebrations with your kids. I had no idea it would be such a hit with my kids but now we look forward to this fun tradition every year. Don’t worry, if you haven’t gotten anything yet you still have time! Head to the dollar store or Walmart. This is an easy and quick tradition that you could start at anytime! We say it comes from Mrs. Clause to add to the magic of Christmas.

Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!


Christian Mulkey

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