Max the Siberian Husky

Max was born February 6th 2018 and originally lived with an older women. Not knowing much about the breed, she decided she could no longer handle him and contacted a rescue locally. Max was fostered around a bit but the houses had cats and due to not being raised around cats he was not too fond of them. That is where our journey with him began…

My husband saw him online and the moment we met him we knew he was meant to be apart of our family. We have had him almost a month now and can’t imagine our house without him. He is a sweetheart, a cuddle bug, and loves to play. Here are a few things we have learned about Max…

He won’t bark but loves to talk.

In the entire time we have had Max he has never once barked but he talks to us daily. Yes, I mean full on back and fourth conversation. Husky’s are known for this and it is very true. With having kids, it is actually nice that he isn’t constantly barking besides when he starts howling out late at night.

He is an escape artist.

This was one thing everyone told us when we got him but I thought “oh no big deal we have a solid fence”. Well, about a week after we got Max he found a way through. And 3 more times after that in different spots that I would’ve never imagined. So we put up new temp fence and in the spring will redo more. We make sure to watch him at all times in the backyard now!

He thinks he is a lapdog.

Max is about full grown now weighing in at around 65 pounds. Yet, he often thinks he is a lap dog… He loves to sit on laps and loves to lay across your shoulder like a cat. Not sure why but it’s adorable.

He is the biggest cuddle bug.

Max would seriously lay and cuddle all day of he could. He loves kisses and loves giving stand up hugs like a human.

He chews… everything.

Max will literally chew any and everything. Although he still has a bit of puppy in him, I also think it is just in his nature. He loves stuffed animals but they don’t last long because he chews them up.

He has crystal blue eyes.

Max has the most beautiful eyes honestly. They are crystal blue and really pull you in.

He loves the kids.

I was so nervous to get a dog because I wanted the dog to be good with kids. Max is honestly amazing with the kids and loves to sit with them. Macyn and him love going to the backyard to dig and McKynleigh and him sit watching movies together.

He has lots of energy but is also chill.

As many who know husky’s, they have lot of energy. Max is definitely no exception but after we walk a few miles and he plays in the backyard he is actually pretty chill. He will hang around the house but does have a bad habit of running laps in the living room and hallway.

Max was the perfect finishing piece to our family. We went back and fourth for so long on adding a fur baby but I am so glad we did. We can’t wait to take him on more adventures!



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