The importance of spending individual time with your children

Life moves fast. I feel like just yesterday I was giving birth to my children and now they are in preschool, growing like weeds, and learning so much. We spend so much time in life trying to succeed in our careers, grow as a family, and build our lives that sometimes we forget that the little moments matter the most. About a year ago, my husband and I started making an effort to give each of our children one on one time with each of us. You may ask, why do that? Because I realized that with the craziness of life sometimes our kids don’t always get that one on one bonding time and I feel like it is so important for a child.

My son was an only child till he was 19 months old when we our daughter was born. Although he loved his sister from the start, it was definitely a hard adjustment going from the only child to having to share mommy and daddy. Our daughter on the other hand has always had to share us and never got that only child period. As the kids have began getting older, I have learned just how important it is for children to have individual time with you without the distraction of siblings. Not only does having one on one time with your child help you learn more of who they are and who they growing into, but it also makes them feel more important, builds self-esteem, supports your child’s identity, and helps create stronger relationships. When your child has one on one time with you, they begin to feel great self worth that they are valued even when life is busy. It also helps your child establish their own thinking and have their own voice such as realizing their likes/dislikes and wants/needs.

When we plan our time, I will decide on a fun activity that either I know my son or daughter will love or one they have asked for. Activities do not have to be expensive and can be totally free. Sometimes we will just go for a walk or sometimes I’ll take them out for a treat in town. During our time together I am giving them my full attention and talking with them about any and everything.

Ideas for activities:

•Bike ride

•Head to the movies

•Go for a walk

•Do a craft

•Build a fort

•Have fun at the park

•Go get a cupcake from a local bakery

•Take pictures of nature

•Play in their room with no distractions

The possibilities are endless and honestly, as long as your child and you are spending time together that is all that matters. No matter the age of your child, they look up to you for love and guidance. Anytime is time is time well spent with them as one day they will grow up and move on to build their own family. Cherish the time you have with them as it is very short.

What do you and your kids do for fun together?


Christian Mulkey

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