Family Game Night With New Super Lucky’s Tale

This blog was sponsored by Playful Studios but all opinions are my own.

Cancel your plans and get the kids gathered in the living room for some fun, it is time to play Super Lucky’s Tale! Join in on the fun of embarking on an epic quest to rescue the Book of Ages.

We are a gamer family. My husband has loved playing video games since we met and our kids have watched him play off and on since they were little. It is hard to sometimes find a game that everyone can play but Playful Studios is changing that! The New Super Lucky’s Tale is a fun 3D platformer that is available on Nintendo Switch. It had our family laughing and giggling the whole time. As a mother, I love that it is bright and exciting which caught the kids attention fast. No matter if you are running, jumping, climbing, exploring, or even burrowing deep underground, this game is sure to keep you and the kids coming back for more and more. We loved the tips and dialogue on the loading screens making it even more interesting to follow along. The kids had a blast with the creative sounds(a huge giggle factor) and adorable characters. Overall it had us playing all afternoon and most importantly, as a family! It is hard to find quality time as a family at times in today’s world which is why I love finding fun activities that truly bring everyone together. New Super Lucky’s Tale did just that. It is the perfect game for family night, holiday parties, and rainy days. Plus it is mom approved! Don’t wait any longer, head on over to to grab your copy of New Super Lucky’s Tale and start playing today.

Purchase game here.


Christian Mulkey

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