We adopted!

This past week our family grew by four paws and we are so excited to share with you all the newest member of the Mulkey family, Max!

Max is a 9 month old Siberian Husky who came into one of the local rescue organizations in our county and happened to catch my husbands eye online a few weeks ago. We had been talking off and on about getting a dog since we got our house. We have a nice, big back yard and unlike when we lived in our old apartments, we don’t have to worry about a landlord not allowing dogs or not liking them. Our kids, especially our son, has been asking for a dog for months. But we wanted to be sure it was a good fit for both us and the animal in interest. Originally we planned on going to meet Max, then talking it over, and possibly fostering him. But of course with us, nothing goes as planned and that is sometimes for the best! When Max came through the gate, he instantly jumped to kiss and hug Matthew. It took no time to know he was meant to be ours for good. So instead of fostering, Matthew and I both looked at each other and said he was the one. It has taken Max no time to make his place at home and he fits right in. He is amazing with the kids and the biggest cuddle bug there is. For a husky, he is pretty chill but also loves to run in the backyard and go on walks. We are excited for him to grow with us and go on more adventures. He has been in the family for less than a week but we officially feel complete. So without further ado, Meet Max Mulkey (name is after the Grinch’s dog, it is only fitting for our house).

Stay tuned for many more adventures and pictures of our Max.


Christian Mulkey

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