Life of a tattooed mom

Even with us almost being in 2020, so many people judge those with tattoos…

I feel like even with us creeping closer and closer to 2020, there is still so much judgement on having tattoos. Now, with being a mother with tattoos takes it to a whole other level. Judgement in the mom world is nothing new. Everyone always judges you on something but tattoos is where it begins to get a bit more intense. “Oh my gosh look at her”! or “Yeah she is the tatted up one”. Many people look at mothers with tattoos as bad parents, poor examples, promiscuous, impure, and even “trashy”. I didn’t always have tattoos as a mother which is why when I did begin to get them, I realized just how different others look at you when you are a mother and have tattoos that show. See the thing is, I am still the same person I was before. But because I have tattoos, people think otherwise.

Most people, including some of my family and friends, are very against them and that is totally okay! It is not everyones cup of tea, I can respect that. But tell me why we have to judge those that have them? When I met my husband, his arms were pretty much already covered. Up until that point, I had never been with someone who had tattoos and really didn’t think much into it. We got pregnant with our son and then ended up having our daughter a bit after so until I was 21, I had no tattoos. I had my fair share of piercings between my nose, ears, and belly button though. My husband always talked about how it was just another form of art, a way to draw on his own canvas(aka his body). To me, that is something so beautiful and deep. He also talked about the looks he would get but I thought he was just being over dramatic. It wasn’t until I got my first tattoo that I truly understood the looks, the judgement, and the constant misconception. We live in a community that is over all accepting but also still has many who are conservative. If my tattoos are showing and I walk into Walmart, you best believe I’m getting constant looks with a glare here and there. It is also crazy how much more I have been followed in stores by employees when my tattoos are showing compared to when I have a long sleeve on and look more conservative. I am thankful that most of my children’s preschool hasn’t even batted an eye but I have heard horror stories from friends regarding schools all because they have tattoos. You may think I am being over dramatic but let me just say this is all real and it is rarely spoken about. So today I thought I would kill some myths about tattoos and the clear the air. Maybe open a few eyes and just remind you, a tattoo does not make someone less than you.

We aren’t trashy or lower class just because we have tattoos.

In fact, tattoos are expensive if you are smart and go to a tattoo shop. My first piece was fairly large and cost over $300 after the price and tip. I hate that tattoos are thought to only be a lower class fad. It is not, quite the opposite. Tattoos are not cheap.

We are still the same person we were before we got tattoos.

POOF! It’s magic, I changed the moment the needle hit my skin. Funny but not really funny, that is not how it happens at all! If anything, I have matured more since having tattoos and become more understanding of others.

We aren’t bad parents.

Tattoos don’t make you a bad parent, being a bad parent makes you a bad parent. My tattoos have nothing to do with the type of parent I am. If anything, I am more open minded with my parenting and teach my kids that everyone is equally beautiful no matter what.

Tattoos ruin your body.

Like I said above, tattoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and that is totally okay! But having tattoos does not ruin ones body. It is not your body, it is their body which means what ever they want to do with it is their choice. Again, it does not ruin, destroy, and make one ugly.

As a mother of two with tattoos, I have gotten my fair share of looks and glares since I began getting them a couple years ago. It is something I have become used to even though I shouldn’t. So yes I do have tattoos, but no, I am not a bad parent. I am not “trashy”. I am not a bad example. What I am is strong, a hard worker, a loving wife, a dedicated mother, and most importantly, I am me.



3 thoughts on “Life of a tattooed mom

  1. Actually in my opinion people judge those without tattoos. Tattoos have become a norm, and a young person without them is becoming more rare. I work in the school system and one of my students has a mother and father who are both covered in tattoos (tacky ones); while they are very nice people and loving parents, it is only human nature to pass judgement, even if it’s only in your head.


    1. You can’t say tattoos have become a “norm” when you go on to talk about judging other parents on their tattoos. What makes ones tattoos “tacky”? I don’t believe there is a specific category of “tacky” tattoos. I am going to have to disagree, especially after your comment. Sadly in this world we look at tattoos and instantly think “omg why did they get that” or “omg that is so trashy” when it shouldn’t even pass our minds as any different than a parent without them. Yes judgement is human nature to a point, but there is also a moment when it becomes more than that. It becomes hatred for certain things, such as tattoos, which then alters the way we look at others. Yes more and more people are getting tattoos but there is still very much judgement towards those who have them.


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