Weekend adventures in Mono County Part 2

If you have not read my part 1 blog, head here first.

We recently spent a weekend over on the east side of the sierras in Mono County. We had such a fun time and I am already so excited to go back. I have always loved traveling and the outdoors but even more so as I get older and have kids. This was the kids first trip over Sonora Pass(I feel so guilty for that!) and it did not disappoint. We originally planned to do the Black Point Fissures on our second day but McKynleigh ended up tired and not wanting to hike. We ended up stumbling upon an old ranch and it was honestly so cool I’m surprised we had no idea it was there. We learned a bit on the De Chambeau ranch as we walked through old buildings which also happens to have ties to Bodie!

Nestled in between the mountains and mono lake, the ranch was once booming! Most of the ranch is still very much intact and it felt like we had traveled back into time. Afterwards we took the kids to the Travertine Hot Springs. I used to love these and thought the kids would as well, which I was right! Be sure to go in the morning as they can get crowded. Take off your shoes and walk around a bit, dipping into the warm water. The mud leaves your feet soft as a baby’s bum and it is so refreshing. Make sure to bring extra fluids though because you will more than likely get dehydrated!

Afterwards, we went into Bridgeport to let the kids play at the park and enjoy some lunch. When we finished up there, we drove back to Mono Lake to see the Mono Lake Nature Boardwalk. There is also a pretty cool park, picnics tables, and some wonderful views. When the sun began to set, the temperature dropped and we decided to head back to our cabin. The night was spent around the fire and having family time.

When we awoke the final day, it was very chilly. My phone read 15 degrees and the JetBoil was even having trouble heating up. After we had breakfast, cleaned up, and checked out, we headed to Bodie State Park. Bodie was once a booming gold rush town with an estimated population of 10,000 people in 1880. With 65 saloons and at one point about 2,000 building, Bodie was a wild west boom town. Over the years, Bodie is estimated to have produced $34 million dollars from gold. Now, you can visit and take a walk through history seeing intact 1800’s houses, churches, and businesses. It really is like walking back into time!

With the time change, we ended up cutting our last day a little short but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the scenic views of Sonora Pass on our way back home. We took a few breaks, including a fun little river break and soaked in the fall colors one last time till next year. It was a perfect trip and I am so excited to take the kids back again next year!

More photos from our trip.



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