Baby Safety Month with Chicco USA

This blog is sponsored by Chicco USA but all opinions are my own.

When I became a first time mom in 2016, I knew that car seat safety needed to be a top priority. Now with two toddlers, my husband and I go above and beyond to ensure our children are as safe as possible every time we get into the car. That is why we choose Chicco USA car seats.

Did you know that most infant and children’s car injuries and deaths can be prevented when using the proper car seat and booster? Most of the time a child is either not in the proper car seat or the car seat is not properly installed. Nearly 50% of infants and young children are not in a proper car seat and/or have their car seat installed properly. Sadly, many parents don’t even realize that they don’t have the proper car seat or don’t know how to properly install it.


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• A child is involved in a car accident every 33 seconds.

• Rear facing car seats have been proven to be up to 5x more effective in preventing and protecting infants and children in a car accident compared to forward facing car seats.

• Car accidents are the number one cause of death in children ages 4-12 and the number two cause of death in newborn-4.

• In recent studies, many parents were unaware that children over the age of 2 could still be rear facing and that it in fact is safer than forward facing.

• Studies also show that almost 1/4 of parents who make quick car rides (within 5-25 miles of home) don’t feel the need to restrain their children in the car seat.

• Most car accidents occur within 25 miles of your home and at lower speeds(40 mph or lower).

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Our son, who has always been in the 90 percentile, rear faced till a few weeks before his third birthday. Our daughter who is going to be two in a few weeks, will continue to rear-face as long as possible. At the time we turned our son around, our car seat maxed out at 40 pounds but since we have joined the Chicco family. With Chicco NextFit Zip Max, our daughter can rear-face till she is 50 pounds. The NextFit comes with a newborn insert which can be removed and has DuoGuard™ side-impact protection with a deep rigid shell and EPS energy-absorbing foam. We choose the MyFit Zip Harness and Booster for our son which seats children in harness mode up to 65 pounds and booster mode up to 100 pounds. With DuoGuard™ side-impact protection features a rigid shell and EPS energy-absorbing foam to offer two layers of protection that surround the head and torso, it was the perfect seat for our son. We also love how easy Chicco car seats are to wash and adjust according to our children’s growth. They fit with ease in our Ford Focus hatchback with plenty of room. Chicco has not only become one of the top safety rated car seat brands but also backed by parents around the world. Join us as we spread awareness of car seat safety and one step closer to keeping babies and children safer all through out the nation.


Christian Mulkey

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