My journey to hair regrowth with Bosley

This blog was sponsored by Bosley Medical but all opinions are my own.

Hair loss… That is something most people hate to admit and even think of. A lot of us have confidence through our hair, myself included. Let’s face it, hairloss is more common than we like to think and there are both women and men across the world battling hair loss. Hair loss is most commonly passed down from generation to generation, also known as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. Other common reasons for hair thinning and hair loss is stress, hormonal and other medical problems, and certain medications. I began noticing hair loss shortly after my daughter was born and by the time I was twenty-one I had visible spots. I was so embarrassed! I hid under hats and began trying different products to help it regrow. Between my SLE Lupus and hormonal imbalances after having my second child, my hair was damaged and dead. I remember coming home one day and looking at my husband in tears. A friend suggested Bosley and their regrowth products to me but like most, I was hesitant. I had seen commercials over the years and after failed attempts for steady regrowth, I was scared it would be a dead end. I was so wrong!

I began using the Bosley Professional Strength 3-Step Starter System Kit. The 3-Step Starter System Kit can come in both a non-color treated formula and a color treated formula. I myself color my hair so I choose the color treated formula. This product line has been specifically formulated for those who have visibly thinning hair and excessive hair loss. Unlike other brands I had tried, the Bosley Professional Strength 3-Step Starter System Kit is sulfate free, paraben free, phthalate free, ph-balanced, and vegan utilizing only vegetable proteins.

When the product arrived to my house, I was eager to give it a try! Bosley also gives their customers an option for a free in-person consultation to learn more about BPS products and talk one on one about you personal concerns regarding your hair thinning and hair loss. I found myself reading over the directions before the first use and loved how easy the 3-Step Starter System was. Anyone can use their products no matter if you are male or female or young or old! Their directions were easy to follow so I started my first use and was surprised by how soft the product left my hair. I was scared that the product would leave an odd smell but my hair was left feeling alive and healthier than it had in months! The product works hard to rejuvenate and recondition your fragile and miniaturized hair and scalp. The formula also contains LifeXtend Complex designed to inhibit DHT build-up and provide anti-aging protection. As a women who colors her hair every 4-6 weeks in a salon, keeping my color is important. With Bosley 3-Step Starter System Kit, I am worry free with their ColorKeeper helping protect and and extend my hair color. Along with my hair thinning on my scalp, I noticed a huge loss of hair on my eyebrows. I was so pleased to learn that women can also have their eyebrows restored.

Along with the 3-Step Starter System line, Bosley Pro Offers a whole line of hair health products. No matter if you are a male or female, Bosley offers products for everyone! After a month, I was so surprised to see what a huge difference I had in my thinning and bald spots on my scalp. My spots began to grow back in and I began to see my hair transform into its thick, healthy self that I had longed for again! My husband even began using the non-color treated formula after seeing my results. Bosley 3-Step Starter System helped me so much and it can help you too! Learn more about their products and scheduling a free consultation here or head to now.

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