Brazen: Lets talk period talk

Periods. They are dreaded. Between cramps, PMS’ing, week long bleeding, and for some, even flu like symptoms. Let’s face it, being a female comes with a lot and having periods is just one of those inevitable things us women get to deal with for the majority of our life. When I was just 11 years old, I was diagnosed with PCOS after my periods came on full force. Since then I have battled serve cramps and PMS symptoms every single period. My periods can be miserable and debilitating. I can honestly say I have struggled every single period since my cycles began and found little to no relief. But have you ever wondered, is there something out there that could truly change your periods long term? I stumbled across a brand called Brazen and decided to give it a go. Since having my first baby, my periods have been irregular and just plain awful. I have been taking the products for 2 cycles now and seen a dramatic difference in my period. I was able to take a quick quiz that helped me pinpoint what was going on with my periods and was so surprised after taking it.

Take your period quiz here

Did you know 82% of women suffer from PMS and various period symptoms? Each month 123 million women are suffering from their periods leading women to miss important things such as work, school, family outing, and even holidays. Long term effects of poor periods can be but not limited to infertility, hair loss, chronic head aches, and much more. I can remember sitting in my sons appointment not to long ago wanting to cry and holding back the tears as my cramps began to set in. Us women should not be forced to “get through the pain” and other symptoms. I typically have a 3 day span of just laying around because I have such terrible, heavy flow on top of cramps and fatigue. I’m talking I don’t want to move from the couch and I feel like I’m being punished kinda pain. It gets bad, and for years I just dealt with it. But I want to live without worries, even on my period!

Brazen supplements quickly aid in relieving period pain and more than 20 other common PMS symptoms. Want to know what’s even better? Brazen gives women relief without using chemicals and hormones. No matter if it’s moodiness, upset stomach, fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and even headaches, Brazen is delivered right to your door in the nick of time. Founded by Kirsten Karchmer, a women’s health expert, who has dedicated her life to helping women’s periods as well as infertility and other women’s health related issues. She is shaping and setting a foundation for what I love to refer to as a new found freedom for women all over the world battling painful and difficult periods! Having the freedom to feel like themselves even on their period. Join her and the 10,000 other women she has helped along the way. You should not have to feel defeated and broken every time your period comes knocking on the door. Take your period quiz and get started being YOU again. After taking it two cycles, I can truly tell you that I feel like a whole new women. Being able to run around and play with my children while on period. Being able to go into town not worrying I’ll get hit with cramps and with being sick. Being able to have the energy to work and not lay around for days. It feels good, all thanks to Brazen!


Christian Mulkey

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