Live in the now, worry later.

As I slowly walked down the stairs into the laundry room, it dawned on me. I have had a few hard weeks being stressed and overwhelmed. If you are a close friend, you may know how hard it has been. If not, then I’m opening up for the first time. I have been extremely overwhelmed with work, kids, moving, and getting settled. Matthew and I have been arguing far to much and I feel like my patience has been worn paper thin. Up until this morning I still felt this cloud that hovered over me. Then in one moment, it hit me. Like a ton of bricks, it dawned on me that this life of ours, it’s short. So short that at any given time it could be over. Now that may sound dark or scary, but it’s the truth. So as I continue to worry about all the little things, I’m letting time pass by me. Instead of arguing with my husband, I need to reach and pull him closer. Instead of getting frustrated when one of the kids doesn’t throw their trash away, I need to smile and remember that when they get older I will secretly miss having to constantly pick up after them. Instead of worry constantly about what work I have due that day, I need to breath and realize that although work is important, so is my mind, body, and soul.

No matter if you are struggling and worrying about money, a relationship, your future, house, the bills, your family, or anything else, remember to live in the now. Put the worry aside and LIVE. When I am 70 and look back, I want to say that instead of constantly worrying about the little things, I lived in the now. I let go and truly lived my life with those that I love doing what I loved. When I get stressed or overwhelmed, I am going to look at myself and breath. I am going to remind myself that even though I may feel like things are going wrong or that I am struggling to balance everything, tomorrow is not promised.

Live more, worry less.


Christian Mulkey

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